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  • Date Updated: 05/03/2018

In 2013, Legendary Pictures DDY released the hit blockbuster Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro’s film. It has quickly become a seizure in theatres in 2013. Recently, Kung Fu Factory’s publisher has officially launched the Pacific Rim Breach Wars. The game is inspired by this blockbuster.

Pacific Rim Breach Wars APK Mod Unlimited Shopping

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Download Pacific Rim Breach Wars APK was released on February 24, 2018, on both Android and iOS. You can download and experience the game by visiting the link at the bottom of the article.

New gameplay

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Pacific Rim Breach Wars for Android belongs to the action genre but has very interesting puzzle gameplay. Monsters from Kaiju started the battle to invade Earth. You will be immersed in the powerful robots of the Jaegers forces and fight the monsters. Big monsters, you will not be easy to beat it. The lives of the people in the earth are under threat, you and the robotic army will have to fight hard to protect the peace of the earth.

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Come to Pacific Rim Breach Wars for iOS you will not have to do your fighting skills like other fighting genre games. You will be participating in a match-3 style match game like Candy Crush Saga and Diamond Dash.

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The battle will start when you have 1 row with 3 identical icons. So you have to make quick decisions to defeat the monsters. Your attack will depend on the symbols you eat, grafting the symbols as fast as possible so that your character will quickly knock down the enemy. However, if the coupling speed is too slow, you will not be able to attack and quickly be destroyed by monsters.

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Besides, the game provides additional spells that can be used anytime during the game. Use the spells in the most difficult times of the battle, as it will probably save you from a defeat.

Diverse character system

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Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod offers players a lot of different characters. You will be confronted with 25 different types of monsters. Each monster has its own strengths and fighting skills. Besides, more than 50 different types of combat robots are waiting for you. You have to fight and gradually unlock the robots in the game’s store system.

In particular, the game also provides an extremely attractive PvP mode. You can take part in battles with other players around the world. Challenge and defeat all the other players to become the champion of the game.

Pacific Rim Breach Wars Gameplay/ Apk download for android


Pacific Rim Breach Wars APK Mod has a simple 2D graphic design and is not too impressive. The images of robots and monsters are depicted in colourful cartoon style. It can be said; graphics are not the strength of this game. However, its gameplay is extremely attractive, surely, it will bring a lot of interesting experience for players

Here are the detailed reviews of the game Pacific Rim Breach Wars. If you are interested in this game, download and install the game for Android and iOS via the link below.