• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 61MB
  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Overkill Strike Mod is very action and role-playing game. Game size is about 40MB, very light capacity for the old phone. The game is exclusively developed by the Neon Games developer – Top Free FPS on the Google Play app marketplace. The game has a very familiar gameplay style, like the shooter titles “Overkill 1” and “Overkill Mafia” … But not so much to lose points with many gamers, I believe there will be a lot of players love this game.

Overkill Strike

Overkill Strike for Android is a very entertaining game that you can play with a lot of other players. There are many guns to choose from and especially the playstyle. The game also has beautiful 3D graphics, the game is quite light, just with the phone using the Android operating system with low configuration, you can even play this game already. With the hidden play, you always have to put your hands on the screen and not go away a bit, because if you do not work together, your character will be shot dead. The game has excellent gameplay with lots of extravagant episodes along with very eye-catching graphics. I’m sure the Game Overkill Strike will attract a lot of players, especially the youth. And are you ready to enjoy this blockbuster? I think you will like this game too.


tai game overkill strike cho ios

The game is very easy, start the game you have to enter the name to identify your character quickly. You will then select your country flag and press the start button. You can either choose the table or click Random to determine the play map. There are also weapons in the game, and there are a variety of weapons available for purchase in the game or diamonds that you have loaded before. Anyone who has ever played Crossfire, Chasing Game … then surely this game will make you more interested.
When playing, you will be divided into two teams: the police and the thief, you have the right to choose either side. Each party has a different outfit to identify which party is the enemy easily. The robbers will wear brighter outfits, while the police will wear darker clothing and you can equip yourself with a suit of armour that will cause you to lose less blood. When pointing the gun at the opponent, the screen will display the firing power of the gun, if shot in the head or other dangerous areas, the firing power of the sun will rise a lot. Of course, you will have to use the weapons that you feel are reasonable; each gun will require different firing skills. After each match, there will be a ranking table that kills the enemy or your rank in battle. You can choose different levels of play so that you can fight the enemy easily

Equipment system

tai game overkill strike cho android

At each level of play, there will be the necessary equipment for you to fight. And the game will have a place to buy items in the store of the system. In the shop, there will be a lot of items from cheap to expensive, if you want to buy expensive items, you will have to buy cards to buy them. Also, the Game Overkill Strike will have 20 maps for you to choose, promising to bring you a great experience.


tai game overkill strike

Overkill Strike brings you high-quality 3D graphics. With the sound quality, describing each step of the character and hear the gunshot resound, very authentic. The game is detailed like the screams of players, bloody when hit by bullets …


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