Orphic Neighbor is a very interesting adventure role-playing game in your neighbour’s house. Your neighbour is a friend; he’s hiding something inside his house, playing a game, you’re about to break into a neighbour’s house and find the mystery there. The game was produced by the famous publisher The Univere of Neighbor Ltd., published on April 10, 2018, currently being sold on the google play store. If you are curious about this game, find out more in the article detailed below.

orphic neighbor 1

Explore the mystery

You are a newcomer to a new home; you want to get acquainted with your neighbour next door. However, he is a very aggressive person and does not want to get used to you. Occasionally, you hear the scary noise inside a neighbour’s house. One night, you look out the window and see him wearing a black box, inside is a very strange thing. That adds to the curiosity about your neighbour. So, when participating in Orphic Neighbor for iOS, the player has the task of monitoring and searching for the mystery that the neighbour is hiding inside his house. Be careful the traps are located everywhere from the yard to the inside of the house.

orphic neighbor 2


Orphic Neighbor APK Download is easy; your task is to move into the neighbour’s house and choose the appropriate time to enter each room inside the house. Players will be provided with support items such as flashlights or tools like a real thief. Your neighbours are very smart; if you ever break into his house in some way, tomorrow he will take measures so you can not come back that way. Be careful in every step of your move, as if detected, you will hardly survive to escape his house.

orphic neighbor 3

Main features of the game

– Join the adventures in your neighbour’s house
– Neighbourhood restaurants have cams, traps and guard dogs
– A lot of mystery in the neighbourhood is waiting for you to discover
– Can participate in the game at any time

Graphics and sound

Orphic Neighbor for Android possesses great graphic designs, every picture in the game is detailed and sharp. Besides that, the sound system is extremely vibrant, giving the player the most authentic feel of this game.

orphic neighbor 4


Overall, Orphic Neighbor is an extremely entertaining game. With the attractive gameplay style, the game is receiving a lot of support from players all over the world. Currently, games are supported on Android-powered mobile devices. For easy installation, please click on the link below. Wish you have the best experience.