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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 237 MB
  • Date Updated: 30/06/2018

In the current mobile games market, there are a lot of exciting games of survival genre. In particular, there are Rules of Survival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, Knives Out and Tiny Battleground. These are all very attractive games and beautiful graphics. However, these games have been released for a long time and can make players feel bored. So, today we will introduce to you Operation Freedom is very interesting survival. The game debuted quite late in the survival genre, but this game has a lot of new features that the same category games do not have.

operation freedom 1

Operation Freedom APK is being released for free on Android; you can download the game at the bottom of the article. Hopefully, soon the game will soon be released on the App Store so that iOS users can experience.

Familiar gameplay

Just like the survival games that are present in the current mobile game market, coming to Operation Freedom for iOS, you will be part of a fierce battle for survival. You and 39 other people around the world will be taken to an uninhabited island by plane. This is a wild and lifeless place, with only abandoned houses and areas.

operation freedom 2

At the start of the game, you will have to parachute down to any area on the island. Then quickly find guns and medical supplies to try to survive. Of course, you may meet other players nearby and kill them immediately to eliminate an opponent. Items will appear randomly in the area if you are lucky you can pick up rare and valuable items.

Operation Freedom Android Gameplay HD by Coola Games

Also, for the battle to quickly fester, the maps of the game will gradually shrink, and all the survivors will have to move to the safe area and find the hidden place. So, after the map is narrowed down, you will easily see the nearby enemies, immediately destroy them. However, other people may also see you, look for a haven before trying to destroy the opponent.

Also, after a certain time, the supply crates will be dropping random points on the map. The supply boxes often contain rare weapons and items that increase the power of your character. However, consider before picking up these supply boxes. Since the place where the supplies fell will often attract a lot of people, you will have to be very careful from all sides.

operation freedom 3

Beautiful graphic design

Games of the living type often have a very beautiful and sharp graphic design. Operation Freedom Mod APK is no exception; the game has a nice 3D graphics design and extremely true. Physical motion and fire and explosion are all very detailed and dynamic. Certainly, with such graphic design, the game is well deserved for you to experience during this time.

If you are interested in these reviews, then download the game from the link below. Currently, the game only supports the Android operating system and is currently being distributed for free on Google Play. Have fun playing the game!