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If you regularly play games on Facebook then surely know the game Onmyoji, this is a game in Japanese Anime style is very attractive. By 2017, Onmyoji for iOS is voted by the worldwide gaming community as the best game of the year.

With the success of Onmyoji on Facebook, the NetEase publisher has released a mobile version of the game. However, in Vietnam, Onmyoji for Android was officially released by Garena, which is really good news for Onmyoji game lovers, so now you can experience it on your mobile phone smoothly.

Download Onmyoji Mod Apk latest for Android/iOS

Onmyoji 2


Download Onmyoji game is very similar to the Japanese anime movie “Sousei No Onmyoji”. There, you will be in harmony and a magical world; there will be many elves and demons waiting for you. However, Onmyoji’s world is not as peaceful as you think, the battle between good and evil has existed for so long and unfinished, people’s lives are upside down and very afraid of evil.


Fortunately, amidst the tense war, there are heroes who fight to protect the innocent. These heroes are warriors, sorcerers, mages … called Onmyoji and come from different places, they share the same purpose of protecting the people here.

Interesting gameplay

Coming to Onmyoji’s world, you will become a hero Onmyoji. The game will give you different characters for you to choose from, so become a legitimate hero. Then, you will become a leader to lead the supporting characters provided and participate in long battles. You will have to move around the map to do the assigned tasks and try to survive.

Onmyoji 5

Each battle, you will be playing the hero to play. You must use the available skills of each character; these skills will appear on the right side of the screen. However, you need a lot of energy to be able to use these skills, always pay attention because you can run out of mana and can not use other skills. After every fierce battle, you will be rewarded with a lot of gold. Use it to upgrade weapons and other skills, making your army invincible.

Diverse character system

Onmyoji Apk Mod has many different characters for you to choose from such as Inugami, Kohaku, Kagura, You can summon these characters by possessing their cards, each with different skills and strengths. Also, powerful characters will be bought with money and need to play for a long time to be able to own.


To make the game “Onmyoji” more attractive, the publisher introduced Onmyoji 2 extremely interesting game modes. The most popular model is PvP, you can exchange and fight with players all over the world. In this mode, you can freely express your strength and tactical thinking. Beat the opponents you encounter to become a real hero.

Onmyoji Gameplay (Android/RPG)


Onmyoji Mod has beautiful 3D designs in the style of Japanese Anime films. The characters are very detailed and cute. The effects of the wars are very vivid and portray the fierce battle.


Onmyoji 4

Onmyoji Apk is a fascinating game in all aspects; you will feel sorry if not play this game. Download and install Onmyoji to experience a great game; we have provided the path below for you to download for the Android operating system.