Ominous Neighbor APK Download is a unique strategy game. The game was released by Eurocom Neighbor. The game that looks the same as its version on PC is Hello Neighbor. The story is about a naughty boy and likes to observe others. One day, he looked at the neighbour’s house. The boy noticed something was wrong with their house. He decided to visit his neighbour’s house secretly to discover the mystery of his neighbour’s house. What the adventure begins with the mysterious is waiting for players to explore. You and we learn about the Ominous Neighbor game.

ominous neighbor 4

How to play

This is an adventure game and has horror elements, you should consider before playing Ominous Neighbor for Android. At the start of the game, you will enter the neighbour’s garden, and you will not be able to enter their house by the main door. Instead, use heavy objects such as glass, hammer, brick, fruit … to break windows and break into the house. From this point on, you will not have any specific instructions from the game.

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You have to find the clues in the house to lead the secret of your neighbour. When you go to find out the secret of the house, the neighbour will try to stop and arrest you. Each time you are caught by a neighbour, you will have to use another way to get into their house. Your neighbour is an artificial AI; you will have to face a brain that can learn from its mistakes. If you use the window for the first time, the next time the neighbour will close the wooden planks to seal the windows.

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At the same time, he will also install security cameras in the home to monitor. If another time you break in from the bedroom, next time the neighbour will pick you up there. You will not be able to use it more than twice. Feeling that your neighbour is catching you very scary, you will be able to startle up in horror. Make sure you remember the smallest details of the house, which will help you avoid neighbours and be able to win. Once you have found the secret of the house, you need to find a way out before the neighbour catches you. Each level of difficulty is a different house; you need to be patient and determined to be able to find the secret of the vicious neighbour.

Graphics and sound

Ominous Neighbor Mod Money is designed with animated 3D graphics. This is a horror game; you will not be able to restrain your emotions when you see the neighbour is looking for you. The sound of the game is also impressive. The sound of objects that you interact with is very real. In particular, music, when you are chased by a neighbour, is horrible.

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You are a lover of horror and adventure games. You will not be able to miss Ominous Neighbor for iOS. This is an option for you. You will find the secret of the neighbour, experiencing the most horrible moment. The game will give the player the most fearful and unique feeling. If you like this game, you can download it using the link below the article.