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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 68 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM is an oil driving simulation game, released by Awesome Kids Games. You will be in control of these great vehicles and move on the roads, carrying oil everywhere in the city and providing the people. The game is lightweight and compatible with many mobile platforms, let’s find out about Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM for Android.

oil tanker transport driver sim 1

How to play

When you join Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM for iOS, you will be driving an oil tanker, which consists of two components: the tractor head and the oil tank. Your task is to drive your tanker to the delivery locations in the city. You will be assisted by a direction arrow at the top of the screen and a mini-map. You use these tools to move in the right direction to the point of delivery. The game’s control system is very good, so you do not have to spend a lot of time controlling and mastering your car because the virtual keys are very intuitive and easy to use.

oil tanker transport driver sim 2

Along the way, you will find some gold coins, try to collect as much gold coins as possible, because those gold coins will help you buy new cars and upgrade the car carrying its oil. After each mission, you will receive bonuses, the amount of bonuses depends on the time of shipment and the amount of gold you collect along the way.

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The game’s system is very varied, and you can choose from larger, more beautiful tractors in the game’s store, and you can also buy bigger barrels. The game has quite a lot of ads; you will probably feel uneasy and dissatisfied with the game, you can turn off the wifi, 3G, 4G … or buy the In-App package to support the developer and Remove in-game ads.

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Graphics and sound

Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM APK Download owns the sharp 3D graphic design. The vehicles are involved in traffic on the road and the surrounding landscape, designed in a very meticulous and clear. The motion effects of the vehicles in the game are very realistic, the sound of the cars is very clear and vivid. You will feel like driving a real tanker.

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Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM – Android Gameplay

You can download the game here

You are the simulator game lovers; Oil Tanker Transport Driver SIM APK will be an option that you can not ignore. With a well-optimized and easy-to-use control system, attractive gameplay, graphics and sound. The game will bring you the unique and exciting experience; you can download the game with the link below the article.