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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/06/2018

If you love the famous animated film, you will know the movie Oggy. Recently, the manufacturer Nazara Games has officially released Oggy Go for mobile devices. This is a very fun racing game; you will have the opportunity to meet the favourite cartoon characters in the movie Oggy on the fun track. Help your character perform the difficult moves and become the winner. This game will bring you endless fun, let’s learn about Oggy Go APK.

oggy go world of racing the official game 1

A fun race

In the game, the player controls the Oggy character and joins the fun race to win. Each race will be a difficult level so that players have more challenges to overcome in this game. In the race, your character will be joined along with other characters at the starting point.

oggy go world of racing the official game 2

After 3 seconds the race will begin, you will control your race car through different opponents to win the race. But that’s not going to be easy; you’ll have to deal with a lot of complex terrain on the map of the game, such as bridges, slopes … You’ll have to control the speed of the car properly to It is possible to overcome these complicated terrains most simply.

oggy go world of racing the official game 3

Also, you can increase the speed and use complex terrain types to perform difficult skills to get higher scores such as Backflips or Flips Front. However, you will need to control your car well to be able to use these skills skillfully. On the track, the gold coins will appear randomly. You need to collect these gold coins to become richer and open up some new features.


You can buy new cars

At the end of the race, you will receive gold coins corresponding to your rankings plus the money you collect in the race. You will use the bonus to buy new cars in the shop; you will have new experiences when owning new cars. Also, you can unlock new characters. Players will feel a lot more excited when they are driving the new characters in the next race.

Oggy Go (by Nazara Games) for Android – Gameplay

Good design

Oggy Go APK Mod gives players a fun 2D cartoon-style graphic design. The cars and surroundings are displayed very clearly and in detail. The characters in the game express the different expressions will make the player feel more fun. The sound of the characters is also very lively and fun in the race.

oggy go world of racing the official game 4


Oggy Go is a highly entertaining racing game, and it’s a great fit for those who want to release stress or simply Oggy fans. From unique gameplay, diverse vehicle systems and characters, fun graphics design will bring players the most fun moments. The game supports a lot of mobile devices; you can experience the easiest game at the link at the bottom.