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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 22/11/2018

Korea is a world-famous country with top Asian culinary and entertainment industry, but the country is also famous for its many impressive game makers. Ventumm Inc. is a very famous mobile game maker with many successful products. To develop the company’s brand, they released a unique role-playing game called NOVICE HEROES. This is a role-playing game, so the gameplay of the game is very exciting and promising to bring a lot of impressive experience for you and everyone.

novice heroes 2

An impressive product of Ventumm Inc.

NOVICE HEROES APK Mod has interesting content with many interesting characters to explore; the game is an interesting story about the heroic academy. This is a place where many impressive characters are gathered, all the characters who come here want to learn and develop themselves to protect people from evil forces. In the game you will be allowed to summon and collect over 155 different heroes, the heroes in the game are classified according to the type from normal to legendary. Also, the heroes in the game will be divided into each attribute including darkness, light, fire, forest, and water. Collect the heroes in the game and create an impressive team of your own and experience many exciting activities in the game.

NOVICE HEROES for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You will experience the game with a lot of interesting activities and quests, fighting in the game designed under each wave, you will choose the places that the game required to perform the task. At the end of each mission is often BOSS and you need to destroy BOSS or survive to complete the task of the game. Performing the tasks you are assigned will help you get more bonuses and outstanding achievements. Bonuses and achievements will help you upgrade your existing character and summon more characters. The characters in the game have special combat skills while performing missions you need to pay attention to the symbols of the skill. These icons will display when your hero can use, after using them, these skills need a certain time to recover.

novice heroes 3

Beautiful graphic

NOVICE HEROES for iOS has attractive 3D graphics, and character design in a very nice cartoon style, the character details in the game are designed very sophisticated and smooth. Motion and picture quality of the game is very sharp, the color in the game is also diverse to match the look of the game. The visual effects in the game are great; you will love these beautiful effects.

novice heroes 4

Why do I like this game?

There are many role-playing games on the market, but very few games have such intriguing content and gameplay as NOVICE HEROES. This is a very adorable game that you will love right after entering the game. The game allows for easy, anywhere experience with a variety of regular activities to help players never get bored. Download and install this fun RPG game for more fun experiences of the day, using the article sharing the link to download games quickly and simply.