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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 44 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/02/2018

Download Nonstop Balls APK after a period of time launched on the App Store, Voodoo Producer has announced the release of this game on Google Play. Currently, the game only supports iPhones and tablets with iOS 8.0 or higher, with 38.7 MB. With a simple but highly addictive gameplay, Nonstop Balls promises to bring you great moments of relaxation. Let’s find out more about this exciting game!

Simple but attractive

download nonstop balls for android

Nonstop Balls Mod APK is an electronic shooter game, shoot the balls to break the different beautiful shapes. Voodoo is getting more and more popular after each their products. The game is very addictive because its diversified rounds, they don’t have the same gameplay. You must constantly calculate the shot angle to break the cubes as fast as possible. Because of the special in their game, Voodoo has become one of the highest quality producers today.


In Nonstop Balls for Android, your task is always to navigate your balls to break down all the available blocks on the screen. They are very diverse such as square, circle, hexagonal, triangular, … Each picture will mark a different number, corresponding points you will get when breaking them, the larger number, the points you get more! Therefore, you have to calculate carefully to shoot the delicate balls in the corners perfectly, to break the most cubes in each turn. If you are slow, the cubes will go down and touch the polishing machine, and the game will be over.

Control system

download nonstop balls for ios

Nonstop Balls for iOS are easy to play, you just touch anywhere on the screen and move the polishing machine. Try to bombard all the blocks on your way and do not let them touch the bottom of the machine. Nonstop Balls is a simple and addictive game that requires the players to have good skills and reflexes to get the high score.

Upgrade to unlock new balls

download nonstop balls

Nonstop Balls By Voodoo own a colourful collection of balloons. To unlock them, you need a certain amount of money, the higher level, the more expensive the balls are. If you want to quickly own those special balls without spending a lot of time, you can recharge them to unlock them. That is also a way for you to support the developer, giving them more conditions to upgrade the game even further continually.

Nonstop Balls Apk By Voodoo Mod REMOVE ADS

Graphics and sound design

With a simple 2D design, NonStop Balls Mod REMOVE ADS simulates a highly addictive game genre. Crisp shapes, the vibrant sound system will make the players orgasm.


In short, Nonstop Balls is a simple but addictive electronic shooter game promising to bring a great experience for players. In addition, Nonstop Balls is free, let download and experience it!