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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 140 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

If you love cartoon characters, especially Ninja, Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend is a game you should try. This is the best Ninja RPG game ever. The game has a variety of Ninjas to choose, to recruit them and train in the Shinobi arena. This is the best Ninja game in 2017. You will control your Ninja Warriors to defeat the dark forces in the game. To implement the tactics for yourself, you have to collect the legendary monsters. Choose the right gameplay to let your Ninja team win the other players in every fight. Here are the details of the game for you.

Download Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend APK Mod

Ninja Rebirth Monster Legend mod apk

The remarkable features in Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend

More than 50 powerful Shinobi and Ninjas are waiting for you to recruit. Train them to become the strongest Hokage. Recruiting and building the legendary line-up with Rock Lee and Sakura is a fascinating thing in this game.

Ninja Rebirth Monster Legend mod

Use Shinobi’s tactics reasonably

Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend for Android has fierce battles between Ninjas, you need to create the greatest Ninja Force to survive and become the winner of every fight. Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend for iOS allows you to join the game with your friends. You will receive millions of gifts and treasure after beating the scary Tailed Beasts. Collect and upgrade your Ninjas to become the most powerful.

Fighting with your friends

You can use your Ninja Squad to challenge the Ninjas of other players around the globe. Develop your army and join the strongest guilds to complete the missions in the game. Collect items to upgrade your Ninjas become excellent and powerful warriors to defeat other players.


You will not be alone in battle, all of your Ninjas will play as your powerful weapons. You also need to invite your friends to participate in the battle to be able to get victory easily and quickly.

Ninja Rebirth Monster Legend mod download

Effect of the Guild

Call on your friends and the strongest players in the game to join a guild so that you can fight with other guilds and create interesting guild battles. Besides, you will be able to complete the quests in the game.

Features in Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend

– Sign in to receive free Ninja
– The game has an interesting story
– Exciting matches
– Can communicate with your friends
– Keep updating with new features

Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend Android Gameplay


Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend Mod Money has a great graphics that will give you a fun experience, the experience of the Ninja is as clear as in real life. The sound is what makes Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend appeal


The game is about the fight of the famous Ninja. Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend is compatible with Android devices. Let install and experience the fierce fighting with the Ninja via the link below.