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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 89 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/01/2018

Ninja games always have a great appeal; they are often fun and addictive for players. Nindash: Skull Valley is like this; this is a new game released and very hot in the mobile game market. Let’s explore this exciting game. Download Nindash: Skull Valley is officially released on both Android and iOS by Ankama. Maybe you do not know, the publisher Ankama had a game “Drag’n’Boom” has created fever around the world in mid-2017. With that success, the publisher from France has continued to launch the game Nindash: Skull Valley, promises to bring a fun experience for players.

Download Nindash: Skull Valley Mod Apk for Android/iOS

nindash skull valley mod

Fascinating tactical gameplay

Come to the game; you will be engaged in a fierce battle in the Nindash: Skull Valley Apk Mod, you must use tactics and combined with the nimble movements of the Ninja to defeat the enemy. Your enemies are mobile skeletons, they will attack continuously to knock you down. In order to defeat these skeletons, you need to use the skill of a Ninja, as well as a tactical move. If you make good use of this, the enemy will be very difficult to attack you, from which you can kill enemies quickly.

nindash skull valley apk

There are many difficulties waiting for you in front of them; these skeletons will grow stronger and harder to beat. If you are not careful, you will be fooled and fall into their trap, always be wary because you may be killed. However, your Ninja characters also have unique powers, so you can use those skills to defeat the enemy. Also, you can upgrade characters and weapons to increase the fighting ability of the Ninja; this allows you to win over the skeleton.

nindash skull valley free

At each level, the human bones will grow larger and stronger than before. This is a difficult thing for you, but also an interesting challenge for you to overcome. The only way to defeat them is to fight them all if they are overcrowded and you have all the weapons, then take advantage of the nimble moves of the Ninja to overcome them.


Nindash: Skull Valley Mod offers you a lot of different Ninja characters for you to choose from, each with different images and powers. You can fight and gradually unlock the characters available in the game, try to win points in each battle. If you have a stable Internet connection, then you can join online matches with many players around the world. Play with other players to create fierce battles and destroy bosses of skeletons.

Download Nindash Skull Valley Gameplay

Cute graphics

nindash skull valley

Nindash: Skull Valley Apk is a tactical game, but the graphics of the game are very cute. All Ninja characters and skeletons are designed to enhance the fun of the game. Along with that is the sound system and visual effects that make the Skull Valley battle up very vivid and fierce.


Join the Nindash: Skull Valley for Android to become a true ninja and break through 90 challenging levels. Currently, Nindash: Skull Valley is available on both operating systems: Android and iOS. If you are interested in the game, please download and install Skull Valley in the path below.