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  • Date Updated: 01/03/2018

Pokemon Blue – an old game on Game Boy Color, that was the inspiration for me to learn and write more about mobile games When I was a child, this game has attracted me so much that I played it continuously until my battery ran out. Because the game is so engaging, even as an adult, I still want to find a game that is similar to Pokemon Blue. Thanks, and finally I found a game that was the best since I stopped playing Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy. That’s Nexomon, it was released by developer LIME TURTLE, INC. Find out more about the appeal of this game!

Nexomon Apk v2.0.2 Mod Unlocked for Android/iOS

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Is it another version of Pokemon?

This is a turn-based game; you will choose your favourite animals to fight for your honour, step by step become the most famous coach in the world. The animals are adorable, cheerful but powerful beyond your imagination. You will let your Nexomons Mod Unlocked to battle with other opponents, use different tactics, different attacking styles for each enemy to win.

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Catching and developing over 300 Nexomons!

With a collection of up to 300 Nexomons for Android, it’s not inferior to Pokémon at all. They are divided into distinct classes with unique elements that give them specific skills such as water, fire, wind, thunder … You have to spend a lot of time to understand them thoroughly. Like Pokémon, Nexomons for iOS can also evolve into more powerful forms. Try to turn them into the most powerful warriors, which will make it easy for you to win every battle.

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Download Nexomon APK Update v2.0.0 Mod Unlocked

Explore the world

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Producer LIME TURTLE, INC has launched a very mesmerizing world with the 2D, but it is very crisp. Besides, Nexomon APK has a variety of maps and various weather effects for you to enjoy. Also, the sound and colours of the game are designed animatedly, promising to make you extremely comfortable.

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Are you ready to go on this exciting adventure? Let experience Nexomon and overcome all difficulties with us!