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Since 1991, the famous Fortune Chronicle series has released the version 7 of the Mystery of Fortune game. Dotomchi Games Inc. publisher has launched the 8th section of Fortune Chronicle 2 in 2016.
This game has made a huge hit in the gaming community worldwide, and many gamers have mentioned Mystery of Fortune 2 for a long time. Mystery of Fortune 2 Mod Infinite War funds has consistently maintained and won the high rankings in the ranking of the best action game on the phone.

Mystery of Fortune 2 APK Mod Infinite War funds/Bless points

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Download Mystery of Fortune 2 is a successful game by the creativity of Dotomchi Games Inc. from Korea. The company develops games on both Android and IOS. Its first successful product was the World of Rebirth of Fortune and other successful games such as After the Rebirth of Fortune and Sorceress of Fortune. They were released in 2014. But when Fortune Chronicle series was produced, they give Dotomchi Games Inc. much success, the sequel to this series is Mystery of Fortune 2 which was released in 2016.

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Mystery of Fortune 2 for Android is not much different from the previous version. Players will begin their journey of exploring mysterious places like the dungeons and scary dark forests. You need to create your army and go around the world, explore and defeat all the enemies who obstruct you. The game has a lot of dangerous monsters. You need to have good soldiers to defeat those monsters and rescue the world from the evil forces. When winning, you will receive items and gold. Upgrade your army with these gold and items to become mightier.

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Features of the game

As the latest version of the Fortune Chronicle series, Mystery of Fortune 2 for iOS has more new and exciting features. You can control more troops. You can divide characters into classes that base on their skills. The game has more items than the previous version to upgrade the army. The topography of the maps is plentiful and various, giving players the relaxation.

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Mystery of Fortune 2 – Gameplay

Graphics and sound

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Mystery of Fortune 2 Mod Bless points has a much larger and more beautiful graphics system than its predecessors. The image is high quality and vivid. The game has a lot of improvement and investment on the image and is very suitable for the plot in the Mystery of Fortune 2. Besides, not only good graphics but the sound of the game is also very well made. The phase action and the soundtrack of the game create the most enjoyable feeling for players.


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Mystery of Fortune 2 APK is a very successful product of Dotomchi Games Inc. Many gamers highly rate the graphics and sound of the game, but its gameplay is not actually best. This makes the gamers quite disappointed. The game is excellent and you should try to download and experience it.

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Features Mystery of Fortune Mod

1. Infinite war funds (Add/spend some)
2. Infinite bless points