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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 03/05/2018

You are a fan of the popular My Town animated series; you will not miss My Town: ICEE Amusement Park. The game was released by the producer My Town Games Ltd. Players will participate in the fun journey of a small family. You will enjoy a lot of fun and the very life that this game brings. Immediately after the launch of the worldwide players, the game has achieved great success and received a lot of love from the players. Let’s find out about My Town: ICEE Amusement Park for iOS.

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Fun family game

When participating in My Town: ICEE Amusement Park APK Mod, players will be controlling the characters in the small family. Your task is to control the characters to join the holiday and fun in the city. You can start the trip by going to the amusement park, where there are many different types of play to choose from such as picking up animals, roller coaster, ghost house, ball house. You will help the characters play these mini-games to enhance the fun and comfort for the family of the character.

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Also, if your character feels tired after hours of fun, you can take them to the Icee shop. You will be able to buy lovely souvenirs at this shop or make a great Icee to enhance your character’s health.

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The game has a very interesting feature; you have any character in the game My Town dollhouse games. You will be able to put your character into this game. Join the fun activities of this fun game and enjoy lots of fun with your other characters. You will feel great when your other characters can be synchronized with this game.

My Town: ICEE™ Amusement Park for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, the game has six expeditions and five additional mini-games for the player to choose. Players will not be bored as there are many features added by the manufacturer in this game. The game also has many other unique features such as the ability to automatically save progress, multi-touch features … for players to explore and experience.

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The 2D graphic design is fun

My Town: ICEE Amusement Park APK Download owns 2D graphic design in a fun cartoon style. Family characters are designed in detail and meticulous. Players will feel all the facial expressions of the character when playing. The surroundings are displayed in a variety of colours and colours. The sound of the characters during the play is described very livelily and fun.

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You can download the game here.

You are an educational game lover, and you want to give your child a rewarding game. My Town: ICEE Amusement Park will be a perfect choice for you. The game is highly educational and is suitable for children. Children will appreciate the benefits of family solidarity. With simple gameplay, character systems and features are varied, graphic designs and fun sounds. The game will give players the most fun and unique experience. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.