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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 09/04/2018

Download My Town: Airport is suitable for kids and the players who love the funny games and does not require too much skill. In My Town: Airport you will take a flight with the crew and travel in the beautiful city. You can go shopping in the city’s stores and make your character more exciting. “My Town: Airport” is a great place for those who want to relax after stressful working hours.

My Town: Airport APK for Android/iOS

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Firstly, you buy your plane ticket and have a VIP seat. Then, the pilot of the plane finds you can fly the plane and invite you to the cockpit. He teaches you the skills you need to control an aeroplane, and you will enjoy playing My Town: Airport for Android. In the area of the airport, there are many shopping stores, entertainment rooms …

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You will slowly discover a lot of great things about this game, especially you can shop and help your character look better. Also, you can add other characters to the game. My Town: Airport for iOS has a mini-game that is parachuting, and if you want it you can experience.

Features of the game

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My Town: Airport APK has many new and exciting features for you to enjoy. You can control many characters as passengers or employees in the airport. You choose the guides at the airport and guide the passengers to the aircraft or transfer their luggage and there are many other characters to let you control with different features. The characters that you control can also express emotions on their faces, which is a great feature and you can customize the expressions of the character as you like. My Town: Airport APK will be updated regularly every month, and the game will have more new and optimized features for your phone.

My Town: Airport APK v1.02 for Android/iOS

Graphics and sound

My Town: Airport APK Download is not very sophisticated but nice and funny. During the flight, you will feel like in a real aeroplane because the design of the aircraft is also very detailed. The shopping store has a variety of products to make your character beautiful. And it gives you the same feeling as when you go shopping in real life. You will be pleased with the graphics and sound of the game; it gives the best feeling when playing.

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Download My Town: Airport is an exciting entertainment game that you should have on your mobile phone because of its fun and its beautiful graphics. The game integrates many new functions and how you control their characters or expressions will make you excited and never bored. Download and enjoy the game. My Town: Airport has been released on the Google Play and App Store.