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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 23/03/2018

Are you a single person? Want to experience the feeling of having a girlfriend? My Apartment Romance will be an option for you. The game is released by Genius. The producer has released many other love games like Romance You Choose, My Devil Lovers … My Apartment Romance is a love game, the love story only in the comic book or in the movie image. You will experience the feeling that you have never experienced while playing My Apartment Romance. This game is quite interesting and unique, let’s learn about My Apartment Romance.


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You will be a man; men moved to the new city to facilitate the work. He encountered some surprises and had to take care of a special apartment. In the apartment he needs to take care of, there are three pretty girls living there. He will help these girls do things they can not handle in their apartment, things like repairing electrical appliances in the house, repairing plumbing … From now on, the love story between boys and girls begin.

How to play

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In My Apartment Romance Mod Unlocked Ruby, your task is to conquer a girl for 33 days. You live with the girls in the same apartment; you will have to communicate with them often, you help them do things that girls cannot do, or you help and take them to work or schools. You need to perform the task by making the most impression on the girls, helping them in life and becoming closer.

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In each conversation, you will have to choose one of three options to communicate; you need to choose the correct way to enhance the feelings of the girls with you. Also, the game will present situations, and you have to choose the options, to handle the situation. My Apartment Romance for Android is quite simple to play, but to complete the task; it is not easy for the player. The character in My Apartment Romance has three girls, each with their style and very beautiful.

My Apartment Romance APK v1.0.0 Mod Unlocked Ruby

Hana: She’s 19 years old, she’s the youngest in your apartment. She is very funny and teasing others. Hana is a talented artist; she loves art as much as her life. In one incident, she lost her whole family. This is a girl that all players feel the need to be protected and loved.

Piper: She is a strong character, she is very good and has established her own company. She has never had a boyfriend and is cold with the people around her. Will you be able to conquer the heart of Piper?

Alison: She is a very gentle girl, she is always interested in people. She cooks very well; her dream is to set up a large restaurant.

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Graphics and sound

My Apartment Romance for iOS owns a 2D graphic design, and the visual system is designed in a beautiful anime style. Design photos of the girls are very beautiful and charming. The sound in the game is the very good character of each character. You will be immersed in love while playing My Apartment Romance APK Mod.


You are single and love the love story; Download My Apartment Romance will be a game you can not ignore, interesting and attractive storyline, simple and unique gameplay, graphics and sound system very detailed bar. Download My Apartment Romance to experience the feeling you have never experienced. You can download the game using the link below the article.