• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 44 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/04/2018

Mountain Bike Xtreme is a very attractive terrain bike game, released by Pixel Joy. Players will be involved in a racing adventure, the player controls the bike and crosses many different terrain types in the game. You will feel the feeling of experiencing real danger when joining the game; the game will bring a lot of fun and unique experience for players. Let’s find out about Mountain Bike Xtreme.

mountain bike xtreme 1

How to play

At the start of Mountain Bike Xtreme for iOS, players will be immersed in a cycling character, the task of the player is to control his character to run the endless race with the rugged terrain of the game.

mountain bike xtreme 2

The game has a well-optimized control system. Players only need to read the usage of each virtual key to understand and manipulate their characters in a short amount of time.

You control your character forward or backward with two virtual keys in the bottom left corner of the screen, you control the speed of the car with two virtual keys Brake and Pedal in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will use the most appropriate virtual keys to create beautiful techniques in the race.

mountain bike xtreme 3

Players will have to overcome many different terrains such as slopes, hills, valleys … with great speed. You have to manipulate your character wisely, to be able to overcome this complicated terrain easily.

Mountain Bike Xtreme for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game features day-time and night-time variations, where the player can race in which the weather changes as they would in the real world, which makes the player feel very interesting. Real-world physics rules have been applied to the game, and players get the most realistic racing feel. Also, the game has many other unique features for players to explore.

Graphic design and dynamic sound

Mountain Bike Xtreme for Android owns a simple 2D graphic design. Character and surroundings are designed in a very detailed and clear black. Weather effects such as day, night, rain, sun, sunset … are displayed very harmonious and beautiful. The sound of the bike when crossing the different terrains is described very livelily.

mountain bike xtreme 4

You can download the game here

You are a fan of adventure bike races; you will not be able to skip the Mountain Bike Xtreme game. With good optimization control system, the physical laws are applied in the game; the system features diversity. The game will give players the most realistic racing feel. You can download the game using the link below the article.