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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 2 GB
  • Date Updated: 04/02/2018

Your current life is too difficult, making you want to find a new place to forget all the worries in life. You love the Chibi cartoon style; you like the cute and lively picture so. Play Monster Hunter Stories now. Come to the game; you will become a hero to rescue the world.

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Introducing Monster Hunter Stories

The game’s plot revolves around the people in a peaceful kingdom. Life here is very peaceful and happy; people live together happily. They take care of their pets and orchards. But one day, a monster army came and attacked the kingdom. All the people here have to stand up, together to destroy these monsters. With the help of the gods, the mascots were not just a part of the war but later became their close friends.

monster hunter stories apk

Will they be able to overcome this difficult challenge and bring peace to the kingdom? The manufacturer has invested heavily in every detail in the game. When playing, you will be free to design your character from the hairstyle, costumes, personality and style of play of the character. Join the Monster Hunter Stories Mod; you will have fun moments, join us to learn about this game.

monster hunter stories free

Download Monster Hunter Stories mainly focus on battles against monsters, so the battlefields are designed to focus on landscapes and colours. The characters in the game are also designed in the Chibi style extremely cute. Besides, the costume of the character is also a plus. They are designed according to the current fashion trend that makes the players feel familiar and fun when playing games.

monster hunter stories

Since the launch, the game has received countless praise from the community of gamers. The sound in the game is very familiar and exciting, fast-paced, giving players the excitement when the battle is pushed to the climax. Each battle scene is a different sound, making the game attract a lot of new players.

Download Monster Hunter Stories APK+OBB – Gameplay Android/iOS

Monster Hunter Stories for Android brings you many unique features to experience such as:
– Increasing the various levels of the game will unlock countless different combat features.
– The system of accessories, equipment in the shop is diverse and rich, helping players improve their fighting skills.
– Players can jump on the water, or run into the dark – Gamers can chat and take care of their mascots so that it gains the best power when fighting.
– The game supports a variety of ways to help you overcome the fierce monsters.
– The more difficult the level, the more monsters will appear, and the reward you achieve is well worth it.

Monster Hunter Stories for iOS was originally designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, but with the fierce competition of the current gaming market, the manufacturer has released a mobile version of the device. The game has been optimized so that players can experience smoother on their phone. Monster Hunter Stories Mod is suitable for all ages, especially for those who love Chibi genres. You can play the demo below before deciding to buy Monster Hunter Stories.