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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 143 MB
  • Date Updated: 04/04/2018

If you love sports games, especially adventure sports, Monster Energy Supercross Game is a great suggestion for you. Joining the game, you and your motorcycle will participate in the race on the bumpy terrain. The game was produced by the famous publisher Milestone Srl. and launched on March 26, 2018, the current Monster Energy Supercross Game is being sold on the Google Play store of Android. Here is the most detailed article for you to understand more about this game.

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Transform your dream of becoming a superstar

You will participate in the biggest racing championships in the world. Besides, there are many different game modes. Most notably you can join the race with other players around the world or join the biggest tournaments of the weekend.

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Players will experience with a motorcycle on the huge race with closed curves. So to become a champion, you need to focus on speed and speed up at the right time.

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Main features of the game

– Get a motorcycle and join the world’s biggest racing championships
– Compete 250cc and 450cc competitions, challenge every opponent on the track
– Can increase the index of the car as acceleration, speed or handbrake
– Multiplayer modes: Get involved and make achievements that no one can beat
– Can connect with Facebook to play with your friends
– Winning the race, you will receive prizes to upgrade your car
– Signing in every day to receive attractive rewards
– Challenge all your opponents and become the most famous star
– Fan Challenge: A game mode that you will definitely want to participate in the weekend
– The game supports many different languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish …

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Monster Energy Supercross Game APK for Android/iOS

Graphics and sound

Monster Energy Supercross Game for Android features stunningly detailed graphics, images of the cars and the track. All of them are very clear and vivid. Besides, the sound system is very lively, giving the players the most fun and engaging experience.

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Overall, Monster Energy Supercross Game Mod Money is an addictive motorcycle racing game. Join the game and experience the fascinating modes. Defeat every opponent and put your name on the highest score rank in the game. Everything is waiting for you in the Monster Energy Supercross Game. So, now install the game via the link below. Try your the best in every race.