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Recently, a modern strategy game was launched in the market called Mobile Raid. The game was released by Rastar Games producer. Players will see a fictional future of humans in the 27th century. At this time, humanity is no longer the ruler of the earth. Human-generated machines have betrayed them and brought people to the brink of extinction. Of course, humans will not be able to let any other species control the earth. The top leaders of humanity joined together in a revolt. We can hope for a bright future for humankind. You will become a leader in this game and defeat all the robots all over the world. Can you become a good leader?

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Fighting in fictional films

At the beginning of the game, you will become a great human leader. The machines that take control of our world, you will carry out the war with these machines and put mankind into the dominant species. Of course, you will need a mighty military force to crush all the opponents who are trying to hinder you. You will own a large city in the game, this city has many factories, and your headquarters are located here.

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Like other empire development games, players will use the money the game provides them so that they can build the most needed buildings such as power plants and Mecha. Then you can create a variety of modern soldiers to engage in engaging battles. Your resources are slowly exhausting, and you want a bigger resource. Thus, you will make wars with the empire of robots and other players. The battles will bring you considerable resources so that you can meet other game features such as upgrading and building new ones.

Mobile Raid for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In addition to the different types of soldiers, players can recruit heroes. These heroes can help you lead soldiers in battles. These heroes will bring greater strength to your army, upgrade and recruit new heroes immediately to gain even greater power.

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3D graphics

Mobile Raid APK Mod has a nice graphic design compared to many other strategic games on the market today. The factories and buildings are all designed in the modern architecture of the future. Battles in the presence of many different types of warfare. Along with eye-catching effects. Players will feel the cruelty of the battle in this game.

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In brief

Strategic games are no stranger to the players; they always want to find a strategy game to bring them the newest experience. Mobile Raid will be a name that many of the players mentioned in recent times with its modern style. You can explore it using the link at the bottom of the article.