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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 39 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/04/2018 Survive Battle Royale is a unique survival game, released by the developer Clown Games. You will be involved in the survival battle along with other players around the world. You do the familiar job of killing all the other players and becoming the last survivor; players will have a very fun and unique experience when playing the game. Let’s learn about Survive Battle Royale.

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Unique gameplay

At the start of Survive Battle Royale for iOS, the player controls a character that appears at any location on the map of the game. The player’s task is to collect weapons scattered across the map, find other players and destroy them.

The unique feature of this game is that the game uses an elevated viewing angle, players can observe a large area and discover other players quickly. Other players can find you and kill you with a view from above. When your character loses an HP index due to clashes with other players, you can search for Heal Pack to heal your character.

mobg io survive battle royale 2 Survive Battle Royale for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, the game has a lot of different features such as the power pack of weapons, anti-virus package, defence package … players can use this package to be able to survive long more in this fierce battle.

The weapons system of the game is very diverse; the weapons are very strange and modern waiting for players to explore, the weapons in this game are different from the weapon system of other games of the same genre. Players will find the new feel when participating in the game Survive Battle Royale.

Graphic design in animated style and fun sound Survive Battle Royale APK Download owns a fun cartoon style 3D graphics. The characters in the game are very cute and have funny expressions. The surroundings are designed with simple squares; players only need to collect weapons and find the enemy and destroy them. The sound of the characters is very funny, the sound of different weapons is very clear.

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You can download the game here

You are looking for a new and unique survival game; the Survive Battle Royale will be the perfect choice for you. With unique and attractive gameplay, the system features and weapons are very diverse, graphic design and sound are very fun. The game will bring the player the most fun and comfortable moments. You can download the game using the link below the article.