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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 10/04/2018

Are you bored with the popular fps genres and survival games nowadays? Are you looking for a new and exciting FPS game? Military Shooting King will be your choice; this is a first-person shooter game where players will experience the most realistic shooting experience with fictional targets. Released by mobirix, the game promises to bring the most exciting and unique experience for the player.

military shooting king 1

New gaming style

When you join this game you will be playing a role and an army officer; your task is to use the gun and shoot down all enemies in different locations, the game will have many levels. It’s hard for players to pass.

military shooting king 5

At the first difficulty level, players will be instructed how to use the gun and hit the weak points of the target like the belly, head … to get the highest score and get the gold medal from the game. The game’s control is simple, the player will perform target-tracking and then fire to defeat the target, but that’s not easy.

military shooting king 4

Thus, Military Shooting King for iOS can hold the breath of the character; this feature allows players to view and shoot more accurately targets distant. Targets in the first difficulty level will not move, and players can easily knock them down. At higher levels of difficulty, players will face far-flung targets, and you’ll have to work very well with the breath-holding feature to get the highest score possible.

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Also, your bullets will also be affected by the wind in the outside environment, so players need to capture the wind direction and look carefully before firing.

The weapon system, multiplayer mode and maps

The weapon system of the game is very diverse; you can use the money you earn after completing the difficult levels, to buy new weapons more modern. The game has a variety of guns such as the FR-F2, AWM, M200 Cheytac, AS50, VSS … players can use new weapons with higher accuracy, and greater power to complete levels difficulty is easier.

Military Shooting King APK Download also has a very diverse map system, where players can participate in battles in many different terrains such as harbours, warehouses, deserts, factories … players will not be bored by can only play in a single map.

Military Shooting King Android Gameplay

The Military Shooting King will have a variety of gameplay modes for players to enjoy such as Mini Game, Shootout and Timeless Mode. Specifically, in Shootout mode you will be playing alongside many other players around the world and show off your skills to defeat other players, named in the best player rankings, and will receive more rewards.

Realistic graphics and sound system

Military Shooting King Mod Money owns a very realistic 3D graphics design. The images of the guns, the manipulation of the characters and the surrounding environment are designed to be extremely detailed and honest, the sound of various guns in the battle is described in a genuine way as in real life. Players will feel like participating in a real gun battle in real life.

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You can download the game here

Military Shooting King APK is an extremely addictive shooting game. The new style of play, weapons system and features are very diverse, graphics design and sound extremely realistic. You will not be able to skip this superhero as a fan of the shooter title; you can download the game with the link below the article.