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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/02/2019

In many types of games that are of interest to people, match – 3 games always bring interesting challenges to experience. The logical thinking challenges of these games help players love the game more. Have you ever thought of experiencing match – 3 game combined with a real-time strategy element? All the answers you want will be in Mighty Puzzle Heroes. You have the opportunity to build your city and army to join the journey to conquer the world.

Mighty Puzzle Heroes 4

A unique game

LuckyJoy manufacturer has created a unique product for you to experience. Discover an exciting match – 3 challenges when combined with addictive strategy elements. Engage in crazy battles with many clever strategies to defeat guys. Build and expand your city to prepare for the journey to conquer the world and compete fiercely with many players around the world.

Mighty Puzzle Heroes 2

The game is built with good when creating many interesting experiences for everyone. Many interesting missions or events for players to join. Build many wise strategies and discover many intense battlefields to assert your commanding abilities.

Build your strength

With a strategic element, players will have to build a strong city. The developed city helps you own many different technologies and soldiers to serve the war. Participate in basic tasks in the game’s guide system to quickly adapt to it — complete missions to help you build the necessary buildings and start creating your strength. Built buildings help you get the resources you need to grow the city. Accumulate enough resources to upgrade the main house and unlock many new construction sites in your city.

Mighty Puzzle Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Building is one of the most important tasks for you to develop, so you must have an accurate plan for building and using resources. Having a good plan helps you to grow steadily and accumulate a variety of resources for future development. Without a good plan, resources will be wasted, and construction work will be slow to make your city less developed.

Fight with match – 3 style

The battles of Mighty Puzzle Heroes for iOS are designed with a unique match – 3 style. The player is responsible for arranging cards in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines with the number of 3 cards. Streamlined arrangements will help you create and summon various types of soldiers to fight. You have up to 5 points to summon troops before fighting. Depending on each level of each mission, you will fight in different waves.

Mighty Puzzle Heroes 3

Strong character

To possess many types of soldiers, you have to summon and use different heroes. Each hero is designed to own up to 4 types of soldiers and some special combat skills. Summon and use powerful characters to create a mighty army and defeat all enemies. Besides, let the military get the best fighting ability. You must perform upgrades for your character regularly. These upgrades enhance the attack and defence capabilities of soldiers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these upgrade options before taking part in the battle to get many good advantages before the enemy.

Mighty Puzzle Heroes 1

Are you ready?

Mighty Puzzle Heroes is attractive when it comes to fun challenges and addictive fighting styles. The game requires perseverance and good thinking ability so that players can enjoy many exciting experiences. PVP challenge also gives players a chance to compete globally to improve their thinking ability.