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  • Platforms: Android 3.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 12/07/2019

Are you a fan of action games? Want to play a hero to overcome the challenges? Metal Soldiers 2 is a game that will help you do that. The game was produced by Play365, a popular publisher, launched on May 8 and featured on two of today’s most popular stores, App Store and Google Play. Let’s explore the features and interesting things of Metal Soldiers 2 in the article below.

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How to play

When you participate in the game, you will equip your character with protective accessories such as armour, weapons and the things needed to start challenging. Your mission is to shoot or dodge enemy troops to pass the levels in the game. Enemy units will appear throughout your journey. You have to manipulate your character wisely to be able to overcome them and destroy monsters at every level. After completing the level, you will receive a bonus and attractive gifts. The difficulty of the game will increase with each level.

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You will not only meet other enemies on the road but also have to confront with the latest weapons such as tanks, aircraft … Everything is difficult requires you to be calm and intelligent to can overcome them. Good preparation for weapons is also a must to pay attention before taking part in every journey.

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Download Metal Soldiers 2 supports a wide variety of weapon systems, so we can freely choose those devices before entering the game, even while in the game, you can also get weapons, unlock and use it. However, the price of each weapon will vary, the stronger the weapon, the higher the purchase price.

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Metal Soldiers 2 Mod Money is a game not difficult to conquer, what you need is to move the character and make the shot, run or jump to be able to overcome this game. Metal Soldiers 2 for iOS is also considered a game that is easy to familiarize with the style of play.

Features in the game

– An exciting action game
– There are different levels and tasks
– The number of enemy troops is large and varied
– Choose your favourite character and get involved with the game
– The number of weapons available to you
– Can unlock a lot of weapons and accessories attractive

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Metal Soldiers 2 APK has classic graphics, true-to-life graphics, and a clear view of all characters and weapons in the game. Along with living sound, Metal Soldiers 2 help you as you are in the world filled with bombs.

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Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is a fun game for every gamer. The game fits the lovers of action and adventure genres. Get the big support from the players all over the world has also said the charm of this wonderful game. Install and experience Metal Soldiers 2 along the way below.