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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 09/07/2018

Racing is always a subject for game makers to exploit. There are many different types of racing games available to meet the increasing demands of the player. However, players require more new and unique things. Today, we will introduce you to a game called Metal Madness released by GDCompany. This is a very new FPS-style racing game. Players will be involved in the fierce battle of speed and power. You will pass all the other racers to become the best.

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In Metal Madness APK Download, you will become a racer. Your task is to use your car to participate in a big arena along with other opponents and destroy them. Unlike regular racing games, you will not need to race with other rivals and instead kill them with your car. Your car will own a large performance engine and a gun on top of the car. You will use your car to crash into the cars of other players and use the gun to destroy them.

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Of course, other players can do the same with you. You will have to avoid all the stabs from other players and do not let them put you in the wall. This can also be considered a trick to help you win more easily, remember to take this! The battle is over when the last survivor on the map of the game. Therefore, you need to do your best to become the last survivor and win the game.

metal madness 1

The cars are strong

The game has a huge car system. You can use the bonus you receive after completing the game to upgrade your car. The game offers players a lot of different upgrade options, so their cars become stronger. If you are not interested in your current car, you can buy a new car in the game store. With powerful cars and eye-catching looks, players will have a much better experience in the next battle.

metal madness 2

Metal Madness for Android – Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Metal Madness Mod Money has a very realistic 3D graphics design. The graphic design of the game is built on state-of-the-art technology to give players the best visual clarity and clarity. The vehicles in the battle are displayed very similar to real life, the vehicle’s motion effects are simulated based on the correct physics rules. The sound of the collision and the sound when the car is moving is very well simulated and bring the most authentic experience to the player.

metal madness 3


Overall, Metal Madness is a unique racing game, and everyone wants to experience it. But this game requires a very high user device configuration, which will be a big barrier for this game to reach the player. If you have a powerful device, then join this game now to become the best warrior!