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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 45 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/04/2019

Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense – The zombies are invading the world; the last line of defense is in danger. With the task of protecting humanity, you will have to build a solid defense system to prevent the attack of zombies. Your enemies are numerous, and they will attack you constantly. Think and create many clever construction strategies to protect humanity and destroy many zombies. This game is now available on Googleplay and App Store; you can easily download and experience it right now.

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DoubleJump producer will give you and every one the exciting battles of tower defense; you will discover many powerful and unique weapons systems. The combat missions of defensive tower types always create many interesting challenges for you to relax. Building defense towers and destroying enemies is very simple. However, creating a strong defense system is not an easy task. You will need to calculate and use many different weapons systems, arrange defensive towers wisely to achieve the best performance in combat.

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Unique defense tower system

With the mission of defending and facing large numbers of zombies at the same time, Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense for iOS is designed with over 30 different weapons systems. Each weapon system will have its advantages and disadvantages against many different enemies. You must build defensive towers on both sides of the path to destroy the zombies. The zombies will move in a fixed direction or change arbitrarily. Therefore, your defense system needs to be varied to defeat many zombies.

Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense for Android/iOS

Besides the number of diverse defense towers, you also have to upgrade defensive towers to use new powers while fighting. The upgrade is very simple; you just need to drag and combine two defense towers of the same level. Owning many high-level defense towers helps you create a high density of damage and kill zombies quickly. Besides, to unlock new weapons systems, you must accumulate a lot of bonuses.

merge td idle tower defense 4

Fight happily

Like other defense tower challenges, Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense APK Mod provides missions to fight against individual waves. Each wave will have several different zombies to destroy. Note, the more wave, the more powerful the number and defenses of zombies. Therefore, you need to build many strong defense towers to survive. In particular, the longer you survive, the more you can use a variety of weapons systems and discover many beautiful battle maps.

merge td idle tower defense 1


Merge TD: Idle Tower Defense possesses beautiful and easy-to-see images. Sharp 3D graphics and fun moves of zombies will help you have more fun images for entertainment. The game’s color system is used scientifically and works well with the gameplay. Also, the game also brings five ​​different types of environments for you to fight and explore. With five combat environments like desert, icebergs, jungle, volcanoes, and abyss, you will get more diverse entertainment images to enjoy.