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With the high demand for the entertainment of everyone, there are many role-playing games released. The current development trend of role-playing games is the ability to automatically fight. With the ability to automatically fight, players will get more free time and still enjoy the exciting role-playing challenges if you are looking to explore immersive challenges with the character’s auto-battle ability, experience Merge Quest. This unique game will bring you fun battles with a simple control system.

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Interesting content

In Merge Quest for iOS, your character will automatically fight monsters, and you have the task of supporting the character to complete the mission. When the character is fighting, you can proceed to upgrade weapons or new combat skills for your character. Also, you also have the opportunity to collect assistants to support your character’s combat.

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Manufacturing weapons

When your character kills a monster, you will get some bonuses. To help your character destroy more monsters in a faster way. You need to create and equip new weapons for the character. There are two types of equipment you need to build and upgrade constantly as combat weapons and shields.

Merge Quest for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To build and upgrade weapons, you must use the bonus to buy new materials. After purchasing new materials to make equipment, you just need to touch the screen to combine these materials and create new equipment. Combining the same materials will help you create new weapons. More than 100 unique equipment types with many beautiful shapes are waiting for you to use. Combine materials in a continuous way to create new weapons and enhance the ability to fight for characters.

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Upgrade characters and assistants

Besides creating and equipping new weapons, you must also upgrade the character’s strength. There are many different stats for you to upgrade: Attack speed, Moving speed, Critical rate, Critical damage, and many other stats. Upgrading these indicators helps your character to have better attack and defense abilities.

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In addition to upgrading the character’s power index, you must also pay attention to improve your combatant’s ability to fight. The game is prepared with many different assistants for you to use. Each assistant will have their skills to assist you in the battle. Depending on your needs and your strategy, upgrading the power indicators for the assistant needs to be carefully calculated. Just like making weapons, you need to use lots of bonuses. Therefore, you need to calculate scientifically before upgrading the stats for characters and assistants.

Attractive online fighting

To bring more fun challenges to players, Merge Quest APK Mod also offers an online battle mode for you to explore. With the team battle mode, you will be teamed up with many other players to join the Raid BOSS challenge. This is a very interesting challenge and needs many players to experience. With Raid BOSS challenge, you have the opportunity to meet many other players and get unique rewards after completing the mission.

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Merge Quest is a fun game. You do not need to perform many complicated operations and still enjoy a lot of fun experiences. Also, the group battle system also helps you meet new players and not be bored when playing alone.