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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 24 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/06/2019

If you are a fan of plane games, definitely not to miss the game Merge Plane extremely attractive. In the current mobile gaming market, there are many attractive plane games and beautiful graphic designs. In particular, such as Extreme Landings, War Plane Flight Simulator and 3D Plane Simulator. These are all well-known games and are appreciated by many people in the world. However, Merge Plane for Android has a unique game and deserves to be an attractive game. Hopefully, shortly, the game will create a fever in the mobile game market.

merge plane 1

Currently, Merge Plane for iOS is being officially distributed by Merger Games on the Android operating system. The game was released on April 6 and quickly attracted many players around the world. So let’s find out about this special game.

merge plane 2

New gameplay

Unlike other games of the same genre, Merge Plane has unique gameplay. Unique gameplay has created a very interesting game. Come to the game; you will become a commander, your job is to command the crew and create new aircraft. From there, help the team gradually grow up and crowded.

merge plane 3

Also, you can make money by making flights with cassava powered planes. Then, buy more small aeroplanes and merge them into bigger planes. This task is extremely simple and easy to do. However, it is not always possible to get the plane together.

This is also difficult, and you need to overcome when joining this game. Not only that, during the game, you will constantly be receiving gift boxes, in the gift box is usually small aircraft and this makes the assembly of the aircraft up more quickly.
After each succession of small planes, you will receive a lot of experience points. Experience points will help you level up quickly and get a lot of attractive gifts from the publisher.

merge plane 4

Simple graphic design

Merge Plane APK Download has a very simple graphic design and animation style. So, the game is perfectly suitable for all ages. You can safely download games and experience. Also, the effects of the game are also beautifully designed to help players have more exciting experience.

Download the game

Currently, Merge Plane is an extremely hot game in the mobile game market. So, download and install the game to participate in an extremely attractive game. We have provided a link below for you to download the game for Android. Hopefully, shortly the game will be distributed on the iOS operating system.