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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/04/2018

An RPG fighting game from Japan was updated on March 31, 2018. It’s Mega Smash, a game produced by Studio King, currently being sold on Google Play devices store. With a very familiar style with special features, Mega Smash is getting a lot of installs from players around the world. For more detailed information about this game, read our article below.

Mega Smash MOD APK

Explore the world

Join Mega Smash for Android; players will be in control of a cute cartoon character and explore a lot of places in the world. The dark forces are very much and are looking for you to destroy. Players will have special skills to protect their bodies such as water, fire, earth, light or dark. Players need to perform these skills in the proper battle to be able to destroy all the monsters in the game.

Mega Smash APK

Different levels

Besides, you will have the best power weapons that the game designers have created for you. Collect as many different heroes as possible in the character system and engage in combat at the enemy that is trying to harm you. Rely on your weapons and skills to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. The game gives you a lot of different levels to complete. Each level will have different difficulty levels; the monsters will be more and more powerful at difficult levels. Mega Smash for iOS offers you 2 different game modes that are played alone or in groups of up to 4 members.

Mega Smash Free

Main features of the game

– Unlocked many different characters
– The weapon system is diverse
– Use special skills
– Engage in compelling battles
– Diverse task system
– There are two game modes to choose from
– Combat terrain
– Characters are designed according to the cartoon
– Simple control

Mega Smash (MOD) – APK Available

Sounds vibrant

Mega Smash APK Mod owns a very beautiful graphic design, images such as characters, monsters, battlefields … are described in detail and true. Besides, the sound system is extremely vibrant, the sound generated in each battle is very attractive and addictive to the player.

Mega Smash

Are you ready?

Overall, Mega Smash is a very engaging RPG fighting game that is getting a lot of hits in the current gaming market. Join the game and your character to overcome all the challenges in the game. Here is a link to help you easily install the game. Wish you have fun hours.