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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: $1.3
  • File size: 200 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/03/2018

You are a person who loves challenging intellectual games. Today, we will bring you a very interesting intellectual game named Maze Planet 3D Pro. Maze Planet 3D Pro was released by DK GAMES. The game has a lot of newnesses compared to the previous version. When you play Planet Maze 3D Pro, you will have a complete experience when playing without being bothered by ads. Maze Planet 3D Pro for Android is a maze game; it is very entertaining. The game has a labyrinth number of up to 45; players will be more challenging to pass in the Maze Planet 3D Pro. Let’s learn more about Maze Planet 3D Pro.

How to play

maze planet 3d 2017 1

At the start of the game, you will see a planet on the phone screen, which is designed like a maze. Your task is to push the ball in this enormous maze to the finish line. The game has a lot of planets and different levels to choose from. This is a very worthwhile improvement of Maze Planet 3D Pro for iOS. The game features a new lock. Your time is limited; you need to find these keys quickly to be able to win.

maze planet 3d 2017 2

Also, you need to train your thinking to make the most of time and win the fastest. The game is quite simple; you just put the ball in the maze on the target. To do this you need to control the ball moving, you have to manipulate the virtual key below the right corner of the screen, or you can use the device tilt mode to control. You can choose your control options; this design will bring comfort to players.

maze planet 3d 2017 3

Maze Planet 3D Pro APK Mod Unlocked

Maze Planet 3D Pro Mod Unlocked also has buttons to change the way the ball is controlled, which is very convenient for the player. Each way of playing gives players a unique feeling. You can change the display quality of the game in the main menu. If your device is weak, then this is a very worthwhile feature.

maze planet 3d 2017 4

Graphics and sound

Download Maze Planet 3D Pro owns a beautiful 3D graphic design, the design of the labyrinth planet and the landscapes of the universe very vivid and sharp. You can customize the display quality of the Planet Maze 3D Pro as I said above. The sound in the game is also very impressive for the player, the soundtrack of the game will stimulate the focus of the player.

maze planet 3d 2017


You are looking for an intellectual and challenging game; Maze Planet 3D Pro will be your choice. The game is highly entertaining, the gameplay is simple, and the graphics are very nice and impressive. The game will give the player the most relaxing and exciting moments. You can Download Maze Planet 3D Pro using the link below the article.