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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 25/12/2018

Are you ready for the unique match-3 experience and destroy the enemy with a wise strategy? Join Match Royale to experience a new fighting style; players will be involved in fighting a unique Puzzle RPG style. You will experience intense battles, and you will have to overcome puzzles to use your fighting skills and defeat the enemy. With this impressive fighting style, the game has received a lot of good reviews from many players around the world.

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Impressive character

In Match Royale for iOS, you will have to fight the enemy by forming a team with different characters. You will be allowed to summon and use many different characters; a team will have a maximum number of 5 members. The strength and fighting ability of each character will be arranged according to the number of stars. If your character possesses many stars, the character will have superior combat ability. Each character will have different special powers and skills when fighting. Besides summoning and using characters, players will have to constantly upgrade characters to improve their combat ability. Also, you will have to search or manufacture equipment and weapons to provide to the character. This equipment will help the character have better fighting and defense abilities, especially when you have to deal with a large number of enemies.

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Attractive strategy

With Puzzle RPG style, all battles need a wise strategy and reasonable calculation. This is a complex genre and requires players to be calm when experiencing. You will have to arrange stones in a horizontal or vertical row with a wise calculation to get many advantages before the enemy. You will have to understand the power of each character in your team to get the proper arrangement of stones when fighting. If you arrange randomly and do not have a reasonable calculation, your team will be destroyed.

Match Royale for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You will have to fight on many maps with different terrains; each battle will take place in turn. You will have to calculate the number of turns of the enemy wisely to be able to quickly destroy them. Enemies will move in each cell on the map; you will have to arrange the stones appropriately to attack the enemy before they approach you. If you don’t have the strategy or arrange the stones incorrectly, the enemy will easily destroy you. Therefore, the strategic element needs to be built right at the start of the battle.

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Match Royale APK Mod has a great image quality with impressive details and beautiful 3D graphics. The colors and details of the game are beautifully built and coordinated to provide a unique visual experience. Character effects are designed simply but still provide many outstanding images that make players love and addictive.

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You will love this game

Match Royale with Puzzle RPG style is a breakthrough experience; you will have a lot of fun and participate in many interesting challenges. Great gameplay and images of the game will make you satisfied.