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  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

If you are a devotee of the legendary diamond game and you are looking for a game like this for fun then surely Match 3 Amazon PRO will be the best choice for you. Match 3 Amazon Pro for Android owns intellectual features like Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled 3, and so on. The diamond game after a long time very popular but then not updated to add new features, so the players gradually feel boring, do not want to stick to long.

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However, Qplaze Games has released this game with a completely new version, graphics are beautifully designed and features extremely attractive, certainly will not make you want to take your eyes off the screen.

How to play

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Coming to Match 3 Amazon PRO for iOS, you will discover Amazon jungle mystery through each level from easy to hard, challenging your bravery and intelligence. Throughout the journey, you will be guided specifically through the game’s on-screen notification system, which makes it easy for you to overcome difficult challenges. You can quickly complete the assigned task if you follow these detailed instructions.

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Like all other diamond titles, Match 3 Amazon PRO will display on your screen a table with a variety of different pearls arranged randomly. The game is very simple; you just move any gem to join at least three pearls of the same colour on a straight line, you will gain points.

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In particular, Match 3 Amazon PRO Mod Money is complemented by many more features and rules that are far more attractive than the older versions of diamond games: you will receive random prizes when placing 4 or 5 jewels in the same row, for example:

  • Split two rows at the same time.
  • Two vertical lines at the same time
  • Divide two vertical and horizontal lines in a plus sign.
  • Break 3 × 3 groups.

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Match 3 Amazon PRO APK Mod requires the clever ingenuity of the player. After each level of play, you will gain a certain number of points and be evaluated at different star levels according to your achievements, with three stars being the highest rating. In particular, you will be limited to the number of moves per game, so you must use all your wisdom to use them effectively. If you have not completed the round, you have lost and must play again.

Interface and features

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The angle on the screen will display all the necessary information for players to easily control such as score, the maximum number of moves in a door and progress to achieve three stars. If you feel uncomfortable, stressed or unable to complete the game, you can pause the game for a relaxing break. Also, you will be donated or buy yourself some gadgets after the game such as exchange jewellery, bombs … Occasionally, you will encounter difficult situations, cannot find a way to change the position of the jade for a long time. Do not worry; the system will send a hint to help you figure out how to get past that level of play.

Download Match 3 Amazon PRO MOD APK

In particular, players can compete, compared with their friends through the social network Facebook; there will be many interesting things, unexpectedly waiting for you. You can also track the level of their friends, points and stars. Play so much and accumulate so many points to compete with other players in the world and climb to the top of the rankings.

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Download Match 3 Amazon PRO is designed with beautiful graphics and many jungles and classic scenes that make you like the real Amazon. Also, the effects and sounds are extremely vibrant every time the pearls blend, helping the player no longer feel boring. If you are a follower of the legendary diamond game, download Match 3 Amazon PRO on the machine and experience the latest features of this exciting game.