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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2019

Have you prepared well the spirit to participate in many global battles ahead? Compete with many other players or crazy monsters in many real-time battles? All of the above interesting things will be in Master of Mainland, the most addictive real-time role-playing game and strategy today. Many different characters and stories on fierce battlefields. Collect and train many characters to take part in exciting adventure journeys ahead. Leave your mark on the battlefield and make enemies respect.

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Simple and fun operation

Master of Mainland for iOS was developed with a high-quality image system to create many exciting battles for everyone. You will create a powerful army and experience many fascinating card battles. The game possesses a real-time strategy element, so you need a scientific strategy to fight. Build and equip more powerful items for your character and get the chance to own many beautiful characters in the game’s events.

master of mainland 2

Get familiar with the game

In the beginning, the game offers two different options: Newbie and Master. If you choose Newbie, you must participate in the basic guidelines and Grand Map War. If you choose Master, the game will skip basic instructions and Grand Map War. Depending on the individual’s choice, you will get many different experiences when starting the game. Each option has its interesting points for everyone.

master of mainland 3

You have the opportunity to participate in many fierce battles and have to compete globally to win. With many exciting activities and global competition, this is an experience that you should not ignore. To defeat the opponent, you will have to summon the hero and arrange the formation before fighting. Use many characters with different powers according to a wise strategy to defeat the enemy.

Master of Mainland for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides summoning heroes, you can participate in battle in Hero Battle mode and Sky Arena. Each mode has its quests and rewards. Fight constantly to get more experience points and create your good achievements.

Build a group

Similar to many other competitive online games, you are allowed to join or create a Group to fight. The battles of the group will be a completely new experience that you can’t miss. Joining the group also helps you grow well and get high-value rewards in many outstanding events. Fight and create a powerful Group with your friends to feel happier.

master of mainland 4

Upgrade and equip items

Master of Mainland APK Mod is also very well designed in the activities of equipping and upgrading characters. These activities are responsible for helping you own a character with good fighting ability. The characters you use need frequent upgrades to enhance the fighting power. Accumulate a lot of bonuses to buy good equipment, complete many outstanding events to collect much powerful and rare equipment.

Master of Mainland


Master of Mainland with strategic elements and selection of different cards when fighting will bring a lot of excitement. Create a wise strategy when fighting enemies and surprise them to win. Besides the characters with impressive fighting ability, intelligence is the strongest weapon for you to defeat the enemy — experience right now with friends to not miss many unique events.