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  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

You love the anime about mecha and the beautiful girls. Play Master of Eternity, the game released by Nexon. The game was released two years ago and has achieved great success. For a long time only released Chinese version. In recent times, the game has been released all over the world, lovers of Master of Eternity will enjoy this because they can play the game easily and conveniently.

Master of Eternity APK Mod Money

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In Master of Eternity Mod Money, the player plays a girl and commands other beautiful girls to use Mecha against the dark forces to protect the universe. You need to improve your leadership and tactical thinking to guide the girls to complete the task perfectly.

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How to play

At the start of MOE for Android, you will be responsible for leading your team of 16 other girls. The girls have their strengths thanks to the modern mecha. You will lead your girls to participate in fierce battles, by directing them and following their tactics. Master of Eternity for iOS is a turn-based strategy, each time an enemy uses their turn every time a monster attacks.

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Then, it’s your turn to use your normal attacks or special tactics to get the best effect. When all enemies are destroyed, you will win. In harder levels, you’ll have to fight bosses. When you complete many quests and win the boss, you will receive money and other valuable items. Use these coins and items to upgrade the strength and skills of your girls for greater strength.

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Master of Eternity Gameplay (By Nexon) Android iOS

Characters and Mecha in the Master of Eternity are also very varied, with individual characters possessing different skills that will increase multiplayer tactics. Players can also upgrade the strength of the girls by doing missions to earn exp or equip with more modern weapons.

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Graphics and sound

Master of Eternity APK Mod owns a nice 3D graphic design, the modern mecha and enemy are shown very clearly, the skill effect is also very eye-catching. The girls are designed in anime style very cute. The sound in the game is quite good; the sound is very expressive expressiveness and personality of different girls and separate. The sound of the attacks in the battle is very fierce, bringing exciting feelings for players.

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You are a fan of the role-playing games and Anime, will not be missed Master of Eternity Mod. With unique and interesting gameplay, the graphics system is very beautiful and the variety of beautiful girls. Master of Eternity will promise to bring you the unique and fun experience. You can download Master of Eternity using the link below the article.