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  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

Nexon is a game maker that is familiar to all of us. The company is the author of many hit games and achieved a lot of success in recent years. The next product of the company was recently introduced Master of Eternity also promises to bring players the moments of fun. This game is called Master of Eternity. Although this product has eyes from 2016 and only released in China, until now, players around the world have the opportunity to experience the game.

Master of Eternity APK Mod Money

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You can now download games on both iOS and Android. This is a very familiar role-playing game and players will be transformed into a beautiful and attractive female warrior with top combat skills. Let’s take a look at the interesting features in the game through the article below!

Interesting story

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Master of Eternity Mod Money takes the plot of beautiful girls and huge war machines. You will play a very important role in this war, which is to become the commander. You have to upgrade the fighting abilities of the Pixies and lead your army to fight off alien monsters.

Interesting gameplay

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You will become a very well-known general and command 16 warriors who are talented and beautiful girls. Each of them has different abilities and can control powerful and modern combat machines. You need to know how to arrange them into a tactical team that fits in with each battle.

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You hold a very heavy responsibility. It is to control the girls fighting the evil forces that threaten the life of the planet. You will see the Jets fighters designed in a very modern 3D style. You need to control them and the pixies girls in each battle.

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Master of Eternity M.O.E Gameplay IOS / Android

Master of Eternity for iOS also brings you an extremely warlike system of warriors and robots. There are many different types, and you can upgrade them to get the best effect.

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Attractive 3D graphics

Master of Eternity APK Download is equipped with extremely modern 3D graphics. This is one of the points I enjoyed the game. The game is designed in Japanese style with the modern and intelligent robot. You will see the same game with the cartoon that you have seen before. If a person loves movies about superheroes or robots, this is a game that you should not ignore. I have nothing to complain about the graphics of the game because it made me completely satisfied.

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General comment

If you are looking for a Japanese RPG, I firmly believe that this is a great choice for you. You will have great moments of enjoyment with Master of Eternity Mod. Become a good general and command the pretty girls right now. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!