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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 159 MB
  • Date Updated: 01/06/2019

If you are a fan of the Marvel comic series, you will not be able to miss the Game Marvel Strike Force; the game is invested and developed by FoxNext promises to be a very hot game in the coming time and be played. Operates on both platforms Android and IOS. The game is action and role-playing game set in the Marvel superhero series, which allows you to transform into Marvel superheroes with very special skills (Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil …). Let’s learn more about this fascinating game.

Marvel Strike Force team


Marvel Strike Force task

The Marvel Strike Force game is based on the Marvel series, so the plot of the game is similar. Then the world is being attacked by the evil forces, and the superhero began to plan to fight them. To fight back evil forces, you have to gather the army of superheroes including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man. It is time to show Marvel will rescue the Earth and defeat the enemy convincingly.

Marvel Strike Force upgrade

Put yourself in the Marvel Strike Force; your top priority is to make every effort to defeat the enemy. You will become the leader of the superhero team. However, you will have difficulty getting started to gather the heroes to fight. The establishment of a superheroic hurl as fast as possible, each team will have up to five superheroes with different skills.

Marvel Strike Force graphics

However, when you start the game, you will not be able to collect all the superheroes because the characters have not been unlocked completely. You can only unlock each character by levelling up during the game. The Marvel Strike Force also requires the player to use a lot of tactics in battle to win. With each hero having his tactics, the use of tactics is very important, which requires a battle. Also, the implementation of the tactics will change gradually as you can upgrade and unlock new skills, so I recommend you or take advantage of this to win. According to the publisher of FoxNext, the character system of the game is diverse, not just the familiar names in movies, but in the game, you will know more than 70 different characters.

Game Marvel Strike Force Gameplay

Graphics and sound

Shaping the superhero in the game will be the same as in Marvel’s movies and series. FoxNext has the copyright of the superhero, so we do not have to worry that the Hulk will turn red. The most impressive is the combination sound effects, explosive images when the combat will make you comfortable using the same skills as watching a real movie.

marvel strike force

The game will be released for free downloadable players and included in the game’s item-selling system. The Marvel Strike Force will be released in early 2018 with a trial version of the App Store in New Zealand. This is indeed a sad news for many players around the world, but if you want to experience the beta before the game is officially released, we have the same path you download below. Get into the world of Marvel Super Heroes