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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 239 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/01/2018


If you are a fan of the blockbuster movie Marvel then surely not be missed action game Marvel Future Fight extremely attractive. The game Marvel Future Fight Apk Mod is developed by Netmarble Games publisher on both Android and iOS operating systems with a capacity of 239 MB. This is a game that you should not ignore; it is becoming the trend of mobile games in recent times, the game has achieved more than 50 million downloads and 2 million reviews on the store Google Play. This is a terrible number that all publishers dream of when the new game is about a week. Let us explore the Marvel Future Fight to find out why the game is so hot.

Download Marvel Future Fight v3.7.0 Apk Mod Latest for Android/iOS

Marvel Future Fight 001


In the familiar scenario, the Marvel superheroes continue to fight against the dark forces and defeat all enemy plots. In the future the dark forces have gradually invaded the earth, all forces of the future are losing their advantage. Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., sent an urgent message to the future that superheroes would have to unite and plan to smash the dark plot from the moment. Your mission will help the superhero to protect the earth safely.



In the game Marvel Future Fight you will have to reunite a superhero team of any three characters and start attacking enemies freely. You will be in control of all three characters, which will be harder than usual, but if you take advantage of the strengths of the three characters, you can win the enemy quickly. Each superhero character has four extremely powerful special skills, utilizing these skills to defeat the enemy. You can unlock the superhero characters in the game’s store.

With each level of play, you will have to use all the skills of each hero to fight, constantly moving to avoid the attack of the enemy. Bosses usually appear at the end of the level, and it is very strong. If you are not careful, you may be defeated and have to start the game again.


Marvel Future Fight for Android has more than 100 superheroes from the Avengers and Xmen (Milky Way Guard, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Thor, Loki). By default, when starting the game, you will be given some superheroes if you want to use the remaining superhero you can unlock the characters in the game store. The superheroes that you adore will combine to fight the enemy. This will be a very enjoyable experience that other games do not have, controlling the superhero is always a unique feeling.


The game Marvel Future Fight For iOS also offers a variety of gameplay modes, you can fight with enemies that are dark or fight directly with other players when connected to the Internet. This is a very interesting game mode; the superheroes will fight with each other extremely fierce. Try to score three stars with each level, use the number of stars to unlock the next exciting game.

Marvel Future Fight Trailer for Android/iOS


This is one thing that I feel very great about the game; you will be surprised if you try it. The 3D design is extremely beautiful, whenever you mix into the game I feel like watching a real Hollywood film. The graphics of the game will surely satisfy you; the superhero characters are meticulously designed and very similar to the original version. Along with explosive effects, use extremely beautiful skills.



Do not skip this fascinating super game; it gives players a very new experience, the superhero in the world Marvel is waiting for you to break. If you are interested in the game, then download the game for Android and iOS under our link below.