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Marvel Comics is a popular comic book by Marvel Entertainment that was released in 1961. There were many movies, games … inspired by this famous comic book. The Marvel Contest of Champions is also inspired by Marvel’s comic book and will definitely make you happy.

Marvel Contest of Champions Apk v17.0.2 Mod Money

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Download Marvel Contest of Champions was broadcast by Kabam on both Android and iOS operating systems on February 2, 2018. The game was downloaded and experienced by many Marvel fans around the world. Currently, the game has reached 100 million downloads and over two million reviews on Google Play. This is a great success for the publisher, let’s explore the details of this hot game.


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The game takes you to a world of Marvel superheroes and many evil forces who are trying to take over the Earth. You will play as superheroes and fight the bad guys to protect the earth. The place we live in is in danger, and you need to fight to return peace to the world.

Familiar gameplay

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Coming to the Marvel Contest of Champions for Android, you will play the role of superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Deadpool and a hot new character – Black Panther. You have to fight and fight the evil forces called The Collector with a lot of powerful characters like Thanos, Kang the Conqueror … and many other characters.

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Step into the match; you will select a favoured character to start fighting. However, at the first level, you will not have many options because the characters are locked. Take part in the battles and gradually unlock the characters. In each battle, you have to fight another character with particular strengths. You have to attack and attack your opponent until you win constantly. Your opponent will fight back and attack again if you are not careful, you become a loser.

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Besides, the character system of the game is extremely diverse; you will be immersed in the greatly famous superhero. Each character has different fighting skills, use these special skills to win the battle. After each battle, you will receive the corresponding bonus, use it to upgrade and unlock new characters.

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You can set up your own superhero squad as you want, choose the superheroes that have the power you love to fight together against Kang and Thanos. This is a great experience; you can have your own superhero squad.

Marvel Contest of Champions APK MOD for Android/iOS

Nice graphics

The game about the Marvel superheroes always has a beautiful 3D graphics design, not except Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Money. You will experience a top graphic design when participating in this game. Character images are designed in the same manner as Marvel’s story, giving the player a delightful experience. Besides, the image of the individual skills of each character is also designed in detail by the developer.


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If you are a fan of Marvel, you definitely cannot ignore this attractive game. You will be fighting as the superheroes and defeat the evil forces to protect the earth. We’ve provided a link below so you can download and install games on the Android and iOS operating systems. Let experience this fascinating game with us!