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  • Date Updated: 04/02/2018

Download MapleStory M is a popular “free-to-play” game, released by Korean company Wizet for PC. In the early days of launching, the game quickly received positive reviews from players. Luckily, the publisher of Nexon has acquired the license and released the game on the Android operating system. The character and plot of the game are kept in the original version, which is very interesting and worth waiting for. Let’s find out the mobile version of this famous and very attractive game.

Download MapleStory M Apk Mod Full

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In the MapleStory M version, the character system of the game remains unchanged including Corsair, Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bishop and Bowmaster. Also, the old features developed by the publisher Nexon a lot, this makes the game is much more interesting. Get ready to experience a whole new exciting version of MapleStory.

Coming to MapleStory M for Android, your mission will be to appear every day, and you’ll have to fight against alien monsters. However, there will be many rewards when you kill enemies, which are used to upgrade your character and weaponry. You can also find many other rewards in the “Daily Dungeon”, and they will appear randomly for a week.

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The game also has a fierce arena where you can train; this is a great place to train out invincible warriors. These warriors will fight hard to destroy the alien monsters. In each battle, there will be many warriors sacrificed and can not return. Do not worry; they are trained to fight and face death very simply. However, there are so many powerful warriors; they will fight hard and return to enjoy the glory.

Download MapleStory M English Gameplay Android/iOS

The attractive features of MapleStory M for iOS

– Explorer Class: Choose from one of the five character systems that the game has to offer, including Corsair, Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bishop, and Bowmaster.
Daily Reward: Work hard on daily tasks, to receive occasional gifts. You just need to join a party or “Clear a Daily Dungeon 1 Time” to earn mesos.
– Mission: To collect gems and upgrade your character, you need to take on the task of “Collecting a mountain”.
– Pets: You will be given a very lovely pet, its mission is to collect objects falling from your enemies.

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– Map: The map system of the game is very diverse, you can experience and explore the map as El Nath Mountains, Victoria Island and Nihal Desert.

– Level: You can reach the maximum level of 120.
– Selling items everywhere: For every battle, the items you pick up from the enemy are many. You can sell it from anywhere on the map to earn extra money.

Here are some key features of MapleStory M Mod, there are many other features that are waiting for you to explore. Let’s experience it gradually because the game has a lot of fun.

If you are a MapleStory fan on your PC, you can not miss MapleStory M for mobile. You can experience the game wherever you want. We have provided a link below for you to download for Android.