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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/06/2018

Man or Vampire is a very addictive turn-based RPG released by HIDEA producer from Korea. Players will be involved in a mysterious world where there are souls of dead creatures. These spirits have started to rebel and are led by vampires and threaten the existence of this world. Legend has it that a king can bring the world back to equilibrium. The player will make a difficult journey in this game to become a king and rescue the world. Can you become a king of paradise?

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The journey becomes a king

At the start of the game, the player controls a character. You will help your character on the journey to becoming a powerful king. You will have to perform various tasks based on the storyline of the game to help your character become stronger. The mission system of the game is varied, players will perform various tasks on their journey and face dangerous forces such as monsters and powerful boss.

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When you meet enemies, you will start a turn-based battle. Your character can move in a space that is limited by squares. You can control your character to positions that can attack the enemy or flee for physical recovery. Once you have made your turn, the opponent will make their turn, they will attack you nonstop and end their turn quickly. The battle will end when one of the two factions is destroyed. If you win, then you will continue your journey and perform the task that the game offers. Also, players will explore different parts of the world and look for stronger enemies as they perform higher-level missions.

Man or Vampire for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After completing the quest, you will have the opportunity to recruit new characters and gain experience points. New characters will have different skills and help you complete tasks faster. Experience will help your character level up and unlock new skills to become stronger.

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Graphic design

Man or Vampire Mod Money has impressive 3D graphics. The graphic design of the game is dark in colour to give players a sense of thrill. The monsters and characters are designed quite clearly and in detail. Players can observe a large area on the map of the game with a view from above to make the right decision. The sound of the game will make the player feel more excited during the adventure in this mysterious world.

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You should try this game

If you are an RPG enthusiast then you should try the game Man or Vampire. This game will definitely bring you the most unique experience along with turn-based gameplay and impressive graphic design. You can experience this simple game with the link at the bottom of the article.