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Magic vs Power will take you to a world in the era Medieval with many different races waiting for you ahead. The medieval world is becoming chaotic with many fierce battles between races going on daily. In this difficult time, you have the task of creating peace for the world and creating a city of your own. With an attractive strategic element, players will be globally competitive for entertainment. Fight constantly and create your achievements. Perfect World Games producer has prepared many unique missions to challenge your strategic abilities. Join now to enjoy the fun that this game brings.

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Chaos world

In the medieval world of the game, you will discover many races like human, undead, orc and elf. You have the task of creating a powerful kingdom and competing with many others in the journey of building and developing the kingdom. To survive in this fierce competition, you need to develop continuously and create a powerful army to defeat the enemy. Accumulate the most resources to serve the purpose of development and defeat all enemies who dare to get in your way.

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Basic instructions

When you join Magic vs Power for iOS, you’ll have to choose one of three different lands to build the kingdom. The three unique lands you discover include Elf Forest, Extreme Northern Land and Hill Territory. Each land will have its characteristics for people to explore, choose the land that you feel best suited to yourself. After the task of selecting the land to build the castle, you must participate in a series of basic instructions to control the game. These instructions are simple and do not take much of your time.

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Build and fight

Completing the basic guidelines helps you capture the game better and can create different strategies for development. With strategic games, elements of construction and combat must always be done in parallel. Therefore, you need to build many different buildings to complete the required tasks and accumulate huge resources. You need to build a lot of buildings with different functions for your city to be developed. Note that for the city to grow steadily you will have to upgrade buildings regularly. The upgrade will help you get more resources.

Magic vs Power for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Combat missions will take place continuously because you need to fight to protect the city from many different enemies and gather more resources. Depending on the strength and combat capabilities of the army, selecting the right targets will help you win easily. Weak goals often have very few resources to exploit, and complex goals possess a diverse resource to use. Therefore, you need to build a strong army with many different soldiers. Train and upgrade soldiers constantly to be ready to fight. Owning a powerful army can help you confidently capture complex goals and get more resources.

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The community of strategic lovers

Like many other online strategy games, Magic vs Power APK Mod is also developed with a diverse community system. You will join the game and make friends with many other players. Building and creating many different alliances when experiencing is a wise act. The more your empire grows, the more dangerous the enemies you will face. Therefore, participating in different alliances will help you compete better. Participating in battle with friends to defeat enemies and plunder resources is an exciting experience that you should not miss.

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If you love the thrill of strategy games and epic battles, Magic vs Power is the most exciting option to experience at the moment. True challenges with many unique features will bring you the most exciting experiences. You will have more fun if you join your friends.