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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 149 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/06/2018

Madness Cubed Blitz is a unique FPS game released by Nobodyshot. You will be joining the dangerous world in this game. Humans are threatened to swim a dangerous disease, all those who die from the disease will turn into zombies. You will have to make your journey in this world to survive and save mankind from the brink of extinction. Can you become a real hero in this desolate world and help humanity escape from destruction?

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Run and survive

In the world of Madness Cubed Blitz APK Mod, you will be a survivor of the Zombie Disaster. You will make the journey to destroy all the dangers and rescue the human race. You will have to overcome many dangers to be able to accomplish your purpose. The game will have two different play modes for players to choose from Campaign and PvP. Campaign mode will bring players to the chaotic world during the Zombie disaster. You will have to use the weapons that are provided by the game and kill all the zombies to complete the level of difficulty.

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In higher difficulty levels, players will face a much larger army of Zombies. They can appear everywhere and attack you. You need to perform the most accurate attack to kill the zombies quickly in a short time before they kill you. After completing the difficulty level, players will receive bonuses. You will use your bonus to buy new guns in the game’s store. Different weapons will suit different situations. Players need to use their weapons in the most suitable way to bring the best effect in the game.

Madness Cubed Blitz for Android – Gameplay

In PvP mode, you will join the Deathmatch and 5v5 battles with other players around the globe. Your task is to destroy all enemies on the map of the game. The battle will take place with the fast-paced and intense roast. Note: You can be killed at any time, and you need to kill the enemy before they do the same thing to you. Be the best player and get great rewards from the game.

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Familiar graphics

Madness Cubed Blitz Mod Money owns the familiar 3D graphics design. You will recognize the graphic design of this game quite similar to the famous Minecraft game. However, Pixel graphic design in the game has been modified and become much better. The sound of the zombies and the various weapons in the game is very real.

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Madness Cubed Blitz will be a very attractive FPS game that you can not miss. The game promises to bring the most dramatic PvP games or killer zombie experience to players. You can experience it using our links.