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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 58 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/02/2018

If you have a passion for adventure sports, then definitely cannot miss the game Mad Skills BMX 2 for Android. This game is very attractive and has many new points which surpass other games of the same genre. The game is released by Turborilla and is available on both Android and iOS. It’s only for about a week, the game has quickly gained a lot of positive rating and downloads on Google Play. Let’s take a look at this new game.

Download Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk v1.0.2 Mod Money

Mad Skills BMX 2 2

Coming to Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod Money you will be driving a terrain bike and participate in the race full of tension. You have to control the car through the obstacles and many terrains to become the champion. Try to move quickly and not fall. However, It’s not easy for you to become a champion, a rugged terrain and formidable opponents challenge you all time. Stay in the race for the fastest finish. Let’s show the ingenious skills of the world’s top bikers to become a worthy champion.

Mad Skills BMX 2 3

Besides, Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk Mod also offers two attractive game modes. In practice mode, you will be part of the race with a racer that is available and does not require an Internet connection. You can comfortably train and win attractive prizes when winning; it is easy for you to win in this mode.

Mad Skills BMX 2 4

In the online mode, you will be in the race along with other players around the world. This is a very attractive mode, and every player wants to win. You have to do your best if you do not want to be left behind.

After each race, you receive a certain amount of bonuses depending on your position on the leaderboard. Use that money to upgrade your car. There are many options in the store that you can upgrade like wheels, brakes … This upgrade will help your car faster and move more easily than before. Besides, you can buy a new car for a more novel experience. There are seven models for you to choose from. However, they are very expensive, and you may have to buy it with real money.

mad skills bmx 2

At the beginning of the race, the car will move forward. You just need to adjust up and down properly by two virtual keys in the right corner of the screen. Control system of Mad Skills BMX 2 is very simple. You will quickly get used and master it.

Mad Skills BMX 2 for iOS has a wide variety of racetrack, and you will be able to experience the race in a variety of places such as forests, yards, beach …

Download Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD Apk for Android, iOS

The strength of Mad Skills BMX 2 Apk is the beautiful 3D graphics design. The pictures of the race track, characters … are described in details and realistically. You absolutely will be surprised at the graphic design of this game. Along with the physical movements of the racers, it is very lively and makes you feel like you are in a real race.

Mad Skills BMX 2 5

Overall, Mad Skills BMX 2 is a beautiful graphics game and the game is very attractive. You should not skip such an exciting game. We have provided a path for you to download and install games for the Android and iOS operating systems.