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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 18/06/2018

In the context of the market, there are many MMORPGs, players can not choose for themselves a game attractive and have many unique features. So, we will introduce you to a new MMORPG released under the name Luna Fantasy. The game was released by Halcyon Network Limited. Halcyon Network Limited is a fairly new game maker. But their products bring the highest quality players. Luna Fantasy APK will also be a high-quality product that will satisfy the majority of MMORPG fans. Right now, we’ll learn about this game and how you can easily test the game.

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Fun MMORPG game

When participating in the game, players will be selected for their character in the three classes of warriors, assassins and wizards. Each character class has four different skills and has distinct strengths. Moreover, you can choose the race for your character as elf or human. Then, you will begin the journey of exploring the magic world in the game. Initially, your character will only possess a single skill, and you will need to perform various tasks on the map of the game to help your character become stronger.

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Games have a very diverse task system and are arranged in levels from easy to difficult. You will perform a variety of different tasks in the game to receive bonuses and experience points. Experience points will increase your character’s level to learn new skills and become stronger. You can use the bonuses you earn to buy new costumes for your character. The game has a huge costume system with over 100 different unique outfits for the player to choose from.

Luna Fantasy for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides, pet features are also a lot of interest players. You can collect more than 50 different types of pets in the game. They have special skills and give you some advantages in battles with stronger enemies. You can train your pet to increase their level and become stronger just like your character. The game also has many other features such as Arena, marriage .. are waiting for players to experience.

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Beautiful design

Luna Fantasy APK Mod owns Chibi-style 3D graphics design. The graphic design of the game is not as authentic and impressive as traditional MMORPGs. But, the graphic design of this game brings new and fun to the players. The characters are designed very cute and lovely. The surroundings are also very clear and beautiful in bright colours. Sound interacts well with the graphic design of the game to give players the best gaming experience.

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Luna Fantasy is an MMORPG with a fairly new gameplay experience. You will get a lot of fun and unique experiences when joining this game. With countless other features and more customizable options for players. This is a game worth trying. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.