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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2018

In today’s mobile game market, there are many games that have exciting survival genre such as PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival … These games have the same gameplay; you will have to try. Try to fight to become the last survivor. However, you may feel bored with games that have been around for a long time and want to find a new game to experience. We will introduce to you Live Craft 2018: Crafting and survival for Android. Such an attractive game.

Live Craft 2018: Crafting and Survival Data + Mod APK

live craft 2018 1

The game was distributed on Android OS on January 18th by DETOX DEV. Shortly after the launch, the game quickly gained a lot of positive reviews from the players. Currently, the game has 500,000 downloads and 1,500 reviews on Google Play. Join to learn about this fascinating game.


live craft 2018 2

Coming to Live Craft 2018: Crafting and Survival Apk Mod, you will be immersed in a character designed nicely. You get into a world with a lot of squares stacked together. Your task is to move and start building your own kingdom, create a great fortress that makes it safe and avoid attacks from enemies.

live craft 2018 3

What’s special about Live Craft is that you have endless square blocks, you can move freely and build bases, create whatever you want. Create unique and solid constructions, decorate everything in the style of Craft.

live craft 2018 4

While building the base, you must also find and create dangerous weapons to destroy the enemies. Your enemies will make many difficulties in the process of building your kingdom. If you are not careful, you may be killed by enemies and robbed. So finding weapons is very important, destroy all who want to destroy your constructions.

live craft 2018 5

Not only that, in the world of Live Craft 2018: Crafting and Survival Mod you will face many bloody monsters. They are difficult to destroy, so you better avoid them.
Once you have completed your constructions and found the weapons of high damage, you can start an adventure to find and destroy the other enemies. However, your enemies also have very long development time. So you always have to be careful if you do not want to be destroyed.

Live Craft 2018: Crafting and survival Apk Money Mod Download

Familiar graphics of Craft

Live Craft 2018: Crafting and survival Mod Money are designed in familiar style like Minecraft. The world is full of squares, which makes the game extremely interesting. Besides, images such as trees, skies, monsters are designed in a unique square style.

Interesting game

With the unique design, the game brings you a new experience; few games have such experiences. If you feel comfortable with the above reviews then you can quickly download and install the game under the link below for Android.