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In life, we will face a lot of risks. You can get accidents, illnesses, injuries by fighting … Of course, people will think of hospitals when they encounter dangerous situations in life. The hospital will help us to be safe from illness and other problems related to the body. Doctors are always looking for the best way to keep their patients safe from the disease quickly. However, a hospital needs a lot of doctors and staff to be able to operate normally. Many people are curious about the way a hospital operates. We will bring you a game called Little Hospital. Fox & Sheep producer has created this game to help people get the most rewarding experience in the hospital. Players will learn about the hospital in the simplest and most interesting way, let’s learn about this exciting game.

little hospital 2

How to operate a hospital

Little Hospital for Android will take players to a small hospital located in the city center. This hospital is quite well known, and many patients have been treated here. You will be the head of this hospital; you will use your leadership to make the hospital operate normally. Your hospital consists of many different departments, each of which will be responsible for the treatment of different diseases on the part of the human body. Also, a hospital can not lack the means to transport patients to hospitals such as cars and helicopters. You will be observed how a person is saved by the hospital in this game, which simulates the hospital as in real life.

little hospital 3

Also, you will have the opportunity to become a real doctor in this game. You will be treated directly for patients as a doctor. The game offers a variety of scenarios for the player to handle. You will have to do the same job as a real doctor to save your patients. After you successfully treat a patient, you will receive the bonus coming from the game. You can use the bonus you receive to upgrade your hospital; your hospital will become much more modern. You will help more people and get more interesting experiences.

Little Hospital – Game collection for kids

Friendly graphics

Unlike other simulation games with the authentic graphic design. Little Hospital APK Mod owns 2D animation style graphics; players will have a lot of new experiences. The doctors, staff, and patients in the game are all very friendly; everyone can participate in this game. The actions of the character in the game are described as very fun; you will enjoy the opportunity to become a doctor and heal in special ways in the game.

little hospital 4


Little Hospital for iOS will be a great game for kids. This game will help them learn more about the world around them and gain valuable experience. If you also want to get the most out of hospital experience, Little Hospital will be a good choice. Please visit Piepure regularly to get the latest version of this game.