Little Big is a unique action game. The game was released by the developer Ssjj Game. Lego warriors and their battles to become the strongest are the things I see in this game. You will be involved in an imaginary world; you become a warrior carrying out various battles to become stronger. With a variety of gameplay modes and unique visual design, the game will give players the most exciting and unique experience. Let’s learn about Little Big

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Funny battles

When you enter the game, you need to connect your social networking account such as Facebook, Twitter … Or you can log in as a guest to join the game. You will then be given a character name for your character. You can put all the names you want and take part in a battle in the game.

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Little Big APK features Survival, Team Survival and FFA. In FFA mode, you will be engaged in chaotic battles with other players. You will have to destroy all the monsters and other players on your journey. First, you need to destroy the monsters for your character to gain experience and increase the level.

Once your character has reached a certain level and you feel you can defeat the other players, you will find and destroy the other players on the map of the game. Each match will have a limited time limit of 5 minutes; you need to kill as many monsters and other players as possible to get the highest score and win the game.

Little Big (iOS/Android) Gameplay

In Survival mode and Team Survival mode, you will be able to join a team with other players, taking part in traditional MOBA battles. The MOBA battles will include the defensive towers and the main house. Your goal and allies are to destroy the enemy’s main house to win.

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You can unlock new characters

After completing the battle, the player will receive a bonus corresponding to your rank in the match. You can use the bonus to buy random character boxes in the game’s store. These random character boxes will let you own new characters with different special skills.

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In addition, you can also unlock other unique outfits in the game’s store to equip your character. Players will have a completely new experience when they are possessed of new characters in the next battle.

How to control?

Game controls are quite similar to the popular action and role-playing games on the market today. You will easily adapt and become familiar with the controls of this game when you have played MOBA or other RPG games. You control the direction of the character’s movement with the virtual key in the lower left corner of the screen.

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You control your character to perform a quick run by double-clicking on the virtual scroll key. You control your character to perform attacks, using special skills with virtual keys at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Fun graphics

Little Big Mod Money owns the LEGO-themed 3D graphics design. The game has received a lot of positive reviews from the players about the graphic design of the game. This is one of the great successes of this game. Characters, monsters, and surroundings are displayed in a variety of colours. Players can look at a large area of ​​the game map with a top-down view to find other players. The sound of different weapons is described in great detail and lively.


Little Big APK Download will be a name that people love action and role-playing games shortly. This is a very good roleplaying gameplay and graphic design that you should try out. I am sure you will be attracted by this game at first sight. You can use our link to experience the fun battles in the game with the easiest way.