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LINE is a free messaging app that originated in Japan and was released in 2011. This application is rapidly gaining a large number of users around the world. Following that success, Line company from Japan prepares to launch the game, called LINE Little Knights that is inspired by the fun and exciting applications of Line.

LINE Little Knights Apk Mod Unlimited latest for Android

line little knights apk

On February 2, 2018, Line released a promotional video for its new product. It is said that the game will be launched in mid-2018 and promises to become a strong wave in the mobile game market. Let learn about the battle of this fun stickers.


LINE Little Knights for Android is very similar to the current MOBA game, you and 2 other players become a team and fight with the rest of the map system in the game. If you regularly use the Line app, you will probably find familiar characters. They are inspired by the stickers of the Line messaging app: Brown, Moon and Sally. Also, in each battle, you can upgrade your characters to make them stronger. In each level, you will be upgraded to a variety of equipment for your character such as armour, blood, weapons. This upgrade is very important, it helps your team become stronger and win easily. However, your opponents are other players around the world. They also upgrade their characters and causing a lot of trouble for your team. Get involved and move around carefully to avoid making mistakes that make your team lose.

line little knights apk android

In addition, three players in a team are clearly divided roles. There will be three roles that the team needs to perform are Tanker, Supporter and Marksman. You and your teammates have to consider and divide your roles in the most reasonable way to win in the fierce battle.

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Because LINE Little Knights Mod APK is a team game, it’s important to combine and move among the members. You and your teammates have to constantly move and support each other in battle. Tactical factors in battle are very clear if your team has a reasonable strategy, it is easy for you to win the course. However, if all three players do not have a proper tactic, your team will be very quick to lose.

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Cute graphics

line little knights apk mod

LINE Little Knights for iOS has a 2.5D graphic design with extremely cute style. The characters, maps, and skills are all in detailed and idiosyncratic. That gives the players a lot of fun experience when joining, so you will enjoy the game. Besides, with the top-down view, you can easily watch the team moves so that your team can give you the most tactical moves and win the game.


Currently, the game is opened so that players can sign up first and become the first to experience this exciting game. We have provided the link below so you can quickly subscribe and receive a lot of gifts from the publisher. Have fun playing the game!