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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/03/2018

Recently, producer Fire Horse Studio has brought to the players an RPG game – Like A Boss APK. It’s like a new breeze blowing into the mobile gaming market today because the games on the market are almost saturated. This game has a very innovative gameplay and graphics. Let find out more about Like A Boss with us right now!

Like A Boss APK Mod Money/Rubies for Android/iOS

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The story of Like A Boss

Most of the other RPGs on the market today have the similar story, and it seems to be boring. You will play the hero to struggle and defeat the evil forces to protect the earth, people. But the Fire Horse Studio producer has come up with a new direction for this product and promises to bring you many new things. You will play as a bad boss hiding in the dungeon. You have to fight the heroes here who try to destroy you. It sounds interesting, right?

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Attractive features

In Like A Boss for Android, you will be transformed into an evil boss in the dungeon. You hold in your hand many kinds of treasures and have boundless power. So many heroes have gathered together to destroy you with the goal of taking possession of the treasure extraordinary powers. Your task is to avoid them.

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The weapon system is diverse

Like A Boss brings to you a task that you find very impossible. You have to fight 40 heroes at the same time. They will steal all the possessions that you have hoarded for years. You also have to find ways to rescue other Boss captured by this army. Then you can recruit them into your squad to increase your attack power and defence. Each winning battle, you will receive many valuable rewards and unlock the mighty Boss.

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Boss system is diverse

The army of heroes will grow stronger over time. Is it scary? So how can you defeat them? After the battle, their bodies will turn into armour, shields, weapons … You can use these gains to enhance your strength. At this point, your strength is also increased significantly and combined with other bosses will make it easier for you to defeat the enemy.

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Download Like A Boss Mod APK latest for android


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Like A Boss for iOS is equipped with Minecraft style graphics that is very cute and fun. The game uses contrasting colours to make the game a bit hazy. The dramatic nature of the game is greatly increased. You will have great battles and fun hours when playing the game.

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General comment

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Like A Boss Mod Money has support for both iOS and Android, so you can download the game by visiting the link below. Like A Boss Mod Rubies will certainly make you happy and have the best experience that no other game can do. Have a good day and support!